Conair Secret Wave Review

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What is Conair Secret Wave?

It is a sophisticated hairstyling equipment with which you can fashion natural-looking, bouncy waves courtesy its exclusive ceramic technology that reduces also hair damage and controls frizz.



Style your hair like a pro

Conair Secret Wave could be thesmart wayit claims to be, allowing you to addbeautiful, flowy waves to your hair all by yourself. It is a unique hairstyling tool that boasts of employing slick technology that not only helps you make your hair look striking and voluminous but also guarantees complete safety and protection from damage.


The secret- Tourmaline ceramic technology
Conair Secret Wave works with Tourmaline ceramic technology, a uniquefeature, which it promoters state, does a world of good to your hair. Besides making your hair acquire desirable waves, it reduces frizz and flyaways that affect the well-being and looks of your hair.


Easy to use tool loaded with splendid features
Conair Secret Wave gently styles hair with 430° F heat with 30-second instant heat bouts. It is constructed with top quality heaters, is provided with the facility of uniform heat recovery system and more. In addition to that, this instrument also shields hair from damage due to excessive heat, and its built-in guide combs pamper hair smoothly.


Detangles messy hair effortlessly
Conair Secret Wave claims that it can detangle hair effortlessly and also impart eye-catching lustre to it. According to its makers, when turned on, hair automatically rotates between its tourmaline ceramic-coated plates where it is heated and timed to translate into natural-looking waves.


What do I get?
You will get Conair Secret Wave on Amazon. Com for $36.66
Official website:

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