Companion Rubber Broom

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What is Companion Rubber Broom Companion Rubber Broom is a multipurpose broom that can be used for easy cleaning of mess, brushing and sweeping.


Companion Rubber Broom is a multipurpose design that claims to be so effective in cleaning the floor and carpets that it will make cleaning an easy chore. Cleaning around the house has always been an issue and needs a lot of strain when it comes to scratching the floor of dirt and reaching the floor with a mop.


The amazing design

Companion Rubber Broom is said to be designed in such a way that cleaning anything is very easy. As its name suggests its bristles are made of rubber and are placed in such a way that they clean any dirt and dust that is on the floor within no time. The toughest of stains are meant to be picked up with Companion Rubber Broom revolutionary bristles. There is supposedly an extended handle that helps relieve back and promotes cleaning while standing to reach all corners. Since it is made of rubber, Companion Rubber Broom is said to be durable and have a longlasting life compared to other tools. It also has a squeegee fitted on one side of the broom for making it more versatile a tool.


Cleans everything

Companion Rubber Broom is meant to provide multiple uses like sweeping, brushing and picking up all the messes. The rubber in the broom is said to have electrostatic effect on lint, dirt and dust that immediately sticks to the broom and it supposedly works well on carpets, wood flooring, back yard, office, garage and all other possible places. Companion Rubber Broom also claims that the bristles penetrate deep into carpet pile for removal of dirt from areas not reached before and also picks up unwanted pet hair. Companion Rubber Broom can apparently be made squeegee to clean wet floors by simply flipping it over making it a multipurpose cleaning tool.

What do I get?&Price
1 Companion Rubber Broom Head
1 Extendable Handle
Price – $4.99. Official website

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