Comfortisse Posture REVIEW

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About Comfortisse Posture

As per the infomercial it is a lightweight and comfortable support brace that corrects the wearer’s body misalignment to relieve pain in the neck and back caused by improper posture. Comfortisse Posture claims to be a support brace that can correct the posture and align the spine so that you will sit, stand and walk straighter to get relief from shoulder, neck and back pain caused by bad posture. Comfortisse Posture proclaims to be lightweight and comfortable to wear and causes no discomfort or bulky feeling. Comfortisse Posture alleges that you just need to slip it over your shoulders and fasten the strap across your midsection to see and feel the difference instantly. How far this is true will be known with Comfortisse Posture user reviews.



Correct your posture instantly

Comfortisse Posture CLAIMS

Retrains your muscles
Poor posture causes a crooked neck, hunched back, painful muscular tension, tummy protrusion, etc. Comfortisse Posture asserts to bring the shoulder back in the correct position so that you won’t slouch and these problems are averted. Wearing Comfortisse Posture for just 30-60 minutes a day is assured to be enough to retrain your muscles. Let’s wait for Comfortisse Posture user reviews to know if this is true. Comfortisse Posture maintains that it has adjustable straps so you can wear it the way you are comfy. It can be worn under clothes so no one will know you’re wearing it. Is the brace that effective? Send us your Comfortisse Posture reviews.


Comfortisse Posture Reviews

The design of Comfortisse Posture is right but fits wrong like much too tight even though followed the sizing chart or else it keeps loosening up after a while and have to tighten it back up. The buyers have complaint that the product is very uncomfortable, leaves cut marks and bruises / rashes under the arms. Padding could have been better for the ease of use. Another issue with the product experienced by the buyers is the strong, potent smell coming from it.

Chelsea a buyer said she would recommend this product as it definitely helped her with the posture and found it comfortable to wear. It can be worn even under the clothes and still be undetectable in a clingy thin sweatshirt. The only drawback she felt is the straps are not padded all the way down, the backpack strap material comes under armpits and definitely rubbing and hurting even after 10 mins of wear but not unbearably painful.

Comfortisse posture really helps posture, reminds to stay straight, very helpful for use at computer for long hours work but the price is steep for how simple of a contraption this is with not much in the way of materials.


Comfortisse Posture Questions and Answers

Q: Do you wear this all the time? or just at home? Could i wear this while running?
A: You can wear it all the time if you like but the idea is to wear it as little as possible and gradually reduce the time of wearing it. It is designed to gently pull your shoulders and constantly remind you to keep good posture yourself thus training your own muscles. While, it is probably the most comfortable posture brace out there, you won’t be able to run wearing it as the belly strap would work itself loose.

Q: Do you order by bra size?
A: You measure your chest just under your arm pits and above your breast.

Q: Does this help to straighten your spine?
A: This will remind you to keep and maintain correct posture and train your muscles rather than forcing posture by gently pulling your shoulders back..So it would assist you to realign your spine but it would take time and determination from your end, it is not a magical cure. You should also consult your doctor and make sure that this type of brace is recommended for your condition.

Q: Can you wear this item against your skin?
A: It’s possible to wear on skin, but is recommended to wear it over shirt.

Q: Does this squeeze the stomach?
A: No. It closes around with Velcro so you can loosen or tighten.


What do I get?
Buy Comfortisse Posture just for only £29.99 + Shipping Rate: £4.99 | Special Offer! Buy 1 and you get 1 Free! | Includes: X 2 Comfortisse Posture (S/M and L/XL available) | Official Website:

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  1. julianna szuecs | February 4, 2017 at 5:46 am | Reply

    Tried to order 2, but the charge was not buy one get one free! Charge was 29.99 each. 02/04/2017

    Is there a special code for your special?

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