Color Up Solar LED Lights REVIEW

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About Color Up Solar LED Lights

Lighting up your yard can be such a chore with the digging, wiring and expenses. Here’s introducing Color Up, a color changing solar powered LED landscape light designed to light up the night. With Color Up decorating your yard at night is a breeze. Color Up is great for your home, yard or party. These lights are solar powered making them 100% energy efficient, helping you save money.



Color Up Solar LED Lights Features

The secret of Color Up is the solar panel that charges all day long. The LED’s provide up to 12 hours of color changing lights. Simply place the stake, switch on and enjoy! You can also use Color Up to add lighting to your patio. Color Up adds a full spectrum of rainbow colors. Blue, pink, orange, green and purple…all the colors of the rainbow brought to life at night! The best part is that they don’t need to be plugged in making them great for bushes, gardens, walkways, and trees. Color Up has no cords, it’s so easy!

Build to last – Color Up features an all-weather rugged design that will last year after year.


Color Up Solar LED Lights Review

Chris Albright complains in his Color Up Solar LED Light review“It is not advertised correctly. Color Up is described as having a Lithium battery, but in fact it has a much cheaper Ni-MH battery. For an accent light on a small tree (about 6 feet away) the Color Up light barely reaches the tree and is only noticeable if you’re within 10 feet or so from the tree. The Color Up Solar LED Light description says battery lasts 3 years, but the instruction manual says to replace at 8-12 months. Seller should be more transparent in their listing.”

Emily Bishop reveals in her review“The Color Up Solar LED Light shines about 3 feet on low and 5 on high, however on high it won’t last the night.”

Richard Dunn exposes Color Up LED Lights in his review“The base may break after using it for just two weeks. Color Up isn’t really bright enough to outshine the front porch light.

Joe Irving mentions in his review“Color Up Solar LED Light didn’t work. The seller shipped a replacement Color Up light to try but the replacement product worked only for about 4 days, and then it stopped working.”

Gary Sonnett states in his Color Up review“Placing the Color Up Solar LED Light stake in a large plant pot so it was under a roof but still got enough sun to charge and shine on the walls around but the solar cell is so heavy it could not be adjusted and stay with the flimsy adjustable knob, it simply fell down. Also, the push button auto off/on control never worked right, was very stiff and had to use 2 hands to push it. Plus it is on the back of the solar cell, you have to hold the sides of the cell and push the button with the other hand as not to damage the cell. Lastly, Color Up worked only for a week and then quit and never worked for 8 hours. Even after charging it in a window and outside the house, it would come on a few seconds here and there but never worked right. It was never dropped or placed in the rain. It worked here and there but never worked right. It was never dropped or placed in the rain. Color Up Solar LED Light is not recommended. The over sized heavy solar cell with the control button on the back is not a practical design.”

William Barnes feels ripped-off by Color Up offer, in his review he complains“Color Up Solar LED Light is made with plastic that is so cheap, that the both units broke after using the light the first time.”

Paula RODRIGUEZ states – “The MicroSolar 100 lumen is much brighter than the Color Up Solar LED Lights. Color Up Solar LED Light is useless, it has poor charging and very poor light. The intensity of the Color Up Solar LED Light is not enough.”

Benjamin Clark states in his review“Two hours after turning the Color Up Solar LED Light on nothing happened. Color Up is a complete waste of money.”

John Christopher mentions in his review“Color Up Solar LED Light’s claim of 8-10 hour battery life is not accurate.”

Bobby Collins complains in his Color Up Solar LED light review – “Tried every direction and every angle, etc. but at best the Color Up Solar LED Light would last about 3-4 hours if very lucky. Average, about 3 hours, often less if not a typical sunny day.“

Bertha Lee says in her review“Color Up Solar LED Light does not last through the night even when it is fully charged.”

Sofia SANTOS complains in her review“Color Up Solar LED Light is not adjustable enough. The solar panel is set in the opposite direction as the light. If you want to point your Color Up light to the south, the solar panel is not facing the sun.”

Emma ALVAREZ complains“The Color Up Solar LED Light is nice, but it doesn’t last long. Color Up lasts only 3 hours once it’s dark.”


Color UP SOLAR LED Light Questions and Answers

Q. With the colorful version, can you choose one specific color?
A. Color Up will not stay on a specific color. It is a color changing light.

Q. Is Color Up meant to be attached to a wall or stuck into the ground?
A. Color Up is interchangeable.

Q. What are the specifications of the solar panel?
A. The official website does not reveal this information, but could be 5.5V 1.5W.

Q. What are the types of LED?
A. The official website does not mention any specifications about the LED types but they may be 10mm 0.5W LEDs.

Q. How long is the ground spike?
A. The spike is 6″ but you might be able to fabricate an extension with some 3/4″ metal conduit and some sort of connector.

Q. Is Color Up waterproof?
A. Color Up claims to be waterproof but does not reveal any specific information. i.e. the class of waterproof.

Q. Doe Color Up work in the winter time when it’s cold and snow is present?
A. Color Up seems to work fine in winter.

Q. Is Color Up weather proof and is it plastic or metal?
A. Yes, Color Up is weatherproof. It has been out all snowy winter without any problem. It is high quality plastic.

Q. If mounting the Color Up lights in the shade, can the panel be removed and put in the sun?
A. No, the panel has the rechargeable battery and the battery is wired to the light. You can however move the light to an area to get sunlight during the day and move it back later.

Q. The photo shows different color combinations. Do you have to choose which combination to get or do they all come in the package?
A. Color Up rotates through different colors on its own.

Q. If Color Up is flagged in the house near the front door entry will it work from ground up enough?
A. It depends on how high your flag is, but it is better not to go higher than 10 feet away.

Q. It seems like Color Up has a little low brightness. It might be because it’s on the low mode. How do you change to the brightest mode?
A. There is a button for brightness- 2 clicks one for low one for high.

Q. Can Color Up go underwater in a fountain?
A. Color Up cannot be submerged into water.

Q. Do the colors rotate slowly?
A. They slowly fade.

Q. What is the estimated life of these solar lights since they will be outside and susceptible to the elements?
A. Color Up may last for at least 3 years with outdoor use. Coat the battery connections/ pads with dielectric grease (available at most hardware or DYI Stores) to keep the salt air from corroding those connections and give a longer life. Color Up is strong built so outdoor element punishment should have little effect.

Q. What material is Color Up made of? Plastic or Aluminum?
A. Color Up is built with full plastic.

Q. Does Color Up have a motion sensor option?
A. No, it is strictly a photo sensor light – lack of light turns it on.

Q. Do I need to leave the light ‘On’ to charge, or does the unit charge when it is Off during daylight?
A. Leaving it on all the time charges it just fine.

Q. How wide is the spotlight? I want to light up a wall that is 25-30 feet wide. Will I need one, two, or more?
A. You may need 3 Color Up lights.

Q. Can Color Up LED Light be used in freezing temperatures?
A. Don’t waste your money because Color Up doesn’t perform well in warm weather, maybe they do work better in cold.


What do I get?
Please see the Official website

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