Clever Cutter REVIEW

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What is Clever Cutter

It is a two in 1 unique knife and cutting board that promises to make your prepping tasks in the kitchen a lot easier.

Clever Cutter stresses on the fact that now you have one unique tool that will double up as a knife and cutting board for you. That means you can easily eliminate the clutter in your house because of different tools. You like to cook up a storm in the kitchen and impress your loved ones, but you know that it can be a tedious and time consuming exercise, especially because of prepping. This two in one kitchen tool claims to take the hassle out of prepping and be up to several tasks for you. Clever Cutter reviews should be able to tell us whether it lives up to the claims.


Clever Cutter Review

A user of Clever Cutter says that the few times they used the cutter they couldn’t cut the ingredients well and thought it was more of a gimmick. The cutter is tricky to use and the instructions are a bit misleading. It works with quick snipping movements not just at the end but throughout. They add that the kitchen tool is easy to use but requires some grip strength unlike a knife that you can press your weight into. They can work faster with a knife and cutting board, though Clever Cutter is less messy and cleans easily.

One customer says that they are disappointed in the tool as it seemed easy to use as per the advertisement but does not cut or clean as quickly as claimed. They state that the metal part inside the handle is difficult to use as it does not stay in place. Their unit did not have a spring like shown in some of the pictures and the cutter did not work. The manufacturer’s instructions about applying firm pressure at the end of the chopping strokes to get the best cut is apt, but tends to make the chopped vegetable parts fly around the kitchen.

Another reviewer complains that the blade is thin and not too sharp and there is no way to separate the cutter’s parts to sharpen the blade and extend its life. One reviewer notes that the cutter still needs pre-prepping and chopping of many ingredients, which does not save a lot of time. The cutter sends the food flying and the blade cannot be removed to sharpen.

According to one customer it is not ideal to prepare vegetables in bulk, to debone, process small or fragile ingredients, hard things that needed a cut apart from 90 degrees. Since it recommends against sharpening the blade with a regular sharpener, it’s unclear about how the sharpness can be restored when the blade dulls. One user states that they tried making slices of tomatoes after cutting them into half. But it squished the soft insides and stopped on the skin of the tomato.


Clever Cutter Features and Benefits

Innovative design makes things easier – If you are looking for a cutting tool that is effective and has several applications for you, then you don’t have to look beyond this smart cutter, according to its claims. The key lies in its innovative design, which makes it a knife and cutting board rolled into one. It opens wide for cutting larger foods, which is a huge advantage. What did you make of its design and innovative features? We would like to hear about it in your Clever Cutter reviews. We also hope that your Clever Cutter reviews reveal things about the super sharp stainless steel blade that assures you effective cutting of different types of ingredients.

It’s because of its powerful blade and exciting design that this cutter can chop and slice within a matter of seconds. Whether you want to cut fruits and veggies for salads or chicken for that matter, it claims to be up to the task for you. Clever Cutter reviews are awaited to tell us whether it is really that versatile for your needs.


Packed with features for your convenience – This two in one kitchen cutter emphasizes that it has different features that are meant for your overall convenience and comfort. For example, the ergonomic design ensures that you can cut easily and without straining your hands. The safety latch it has allows you to keep it closed and takes care of the safety element as well. We will go through Clever Cutter closely to find out more about these claims. This kitchen cutter makes a lot of sense for all home owners who are trying to save counter space. That’s because it opens wide and stores small. Importantly it does the job of a knife and cutting board without costing you huge amounts for it. We hope Clever Cutter reviews will offer us more information on its space saving benefits.

This two in one cutter is also dishwasher safe for your convenience. There is no messy clean up involved. Hence once you are done using it to cut fruits, veggies or even meat, you can toss it in the dishwasher and it’s ready to be used again. Clever Cutter reviews should reveal more about its easy cleaning.


What do I get?

  • 2 Clever Cutters
  • 1 Clever Peeler

Price: $19.90 | Price:

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