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What is Clear Zone

It is a fully adjustable wide angle mirror that claims to eliminate blind spots while you are driving. Clear Zone asserts that now you can be on the road safely knowing that those vehicles hidden in your blind spots will be revealed with this simple addition to your drive. Thus you won’t face the issues while driving as you do with those factory mirrors that have a limited field of view. These seem like farfetched claims that will have to be validated after going through Clear Zone reviews.



What does Clear Zone claim to do?

Helps you drive with confidence – The problem with factory mirrors on cars is that they have a limited field of view. Cars behind you are hidden in your blind spots, which can lead to accidents. Clear Zone promises to eliminate these blind spots so that you can drive with confidence. We await Clear Zone reviews to offer us insight on these claims. The secret of Clear Zone lies in its wide angled convex design that lets you see three lanes of traffic. That’s how you are on top of things when you are driving, every single time. We hope your Clear Zone reviews will throw more light on it.

Easy to use and install – Clear Zone stresses on the fact that it can be installed quickly and without the need for special tools. It also emphasizes on its tough and durable design, which makes sure that it can resist the elements. Irrespective of the weather, it stays in place and has been built to last, according to its claims. Not only can you make the most out of the Clear Zone mirror when you are driving but it also makes parking quite convenient for you. We will only believe the benefits of its different features after analyzing Clear Zone reviews.


Clear Zone Mirror REVIEW

Joe Powell who used the Clear Zone Mirror , mentions in his review“In the first attempt after installing the Clear Zone Mirror there was a wide angle view of the pavement and on the next attempt there was a wide angle view of the sky and treetops.”

Danny Marshall reports in his review“The Clear Zone Mirror is very difficult to install and the angle is not wide enough to cover the blind spots.”

Kirby Hailey mentions in his review“The Clear Zone Mirror has very bad finishing. The Clear Zone Mirror also blocks part of your forward vision. The Clear Zone Mirror doesn’t seem to do any more than the side view mirror. The Clear Zone Mirror does not adjust once installed.”

James Ritch reveals in his review“The Clear Zone Mirror is very hard to install and difficult to adjust properly. It makes the car look silly, and doesn’t provide good visibility.”

Patrick Hills complains“The surface of the Clear Zone Mirror is nearly flat, so it doesn’t provide proper blind spot coverage. Plus the Clear Zone Mirror won’t mount to the curved top of the factory side view mirrors because the mounting hardware is straight.”

Charles Swanson mentions in his review“If you want the Clear Zone Mirrors for blind spot coverage, they are not convex so they don’t work very well for that.”

Kurt Robbins states in his review“The Clear Zone Mirror does not swivel enough to see more than regular mirror.”

Raymond Manning claims – “The concept is great – but the side to side adjustment limits are too short. They should move a bit farther to each side so that the true blind spot can be seen.”

Frank Hamilton complains in his Clear Zone Mirror review“The idea is great; the problem is execution of the idea. The mirror inside the frame moves and vibrates so much that it causes more distraction rather than providing visual help to the driver. They could easily make the mirror fixed inside the frame with a pre-set angle of view and get rid of all the rattling. The current design is a total failure.”

Glenn Russell reports in his Clear Zone mirror review“On the surface, this looks like a good product but it was impossible to mount it on a 2011 Hyundai Tucson. It is a waste of time. The design is seriously flawed. If you nevertheless want to try this product, buy it from a local retailer so that you can readily return it.”

Mallory Campbell mentions in her review“The Clear Zone Mirror worked great for almost a year then the mirrors began to rust under the glass making them useless.”

Meghan Stark states in her review“The Clear Zone Mirror installs easily, a good idea but the mirror doesn’t move to your satisfaction.”

Allie Philips states in her review“The Clear Zone Mirror will only work well on existing mirrors that are 90-degree to the car body. If your mirrors angle toward the back of the car a few degrees, this makes the Clear Zone mirror not pick up the approaching car any better than a regular mirror.”


Clear Zone Mirror Questions and Answers

Q. How does the Clear Zone Mirror stay on?
A. The Clear Zone Mirror comes with a wrench to secure to the existing mirror. The concave mirror comes out of a Phillips screw in the back of the mirror, then there’s a metal clamp and you tighten the screws with the wrench. They do stay on very well and the view is great. You can see three lanes to the left and right plus the images are bigger than the quarter size stick on spotters. The Clear Zone Mirror makes driving a lot easier!

Q. Is the Clear Zone Mirror adjustable after installed?
A. Yes, the glass can be moved side to side & up down a bit.

Q. How do you adjust the Clear Zone Mirrors for each side?
A. You can adjust it outwards both sides.

Q. Is the Clear Zone Mirror original glass? Is it compatible with 2015 vw passat? How do you install the Clear Zone Mirror?
A. It is not glass but they will work very well.

Q. Can the Clear Zone Mirror be mounted to the bottom of an existing rear view mirror case?
A. It depends on the configuration of your existing rear view mirror case. There is a metal bracket that slides in the space that is available. Mounting it on a 2010 Miata was great eliminating a blind spot on the driver’s side.

Q. What is the size of the item (not the box)?
A. The Clear Zone Mirror itself, by rounding off the measurements, is 6 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches tall and 2 inches thick. The Clear Zone Mirror is a lot easier to install or mount than previous versions. It is a lot better than any stick-on button type mirror put on your big mirror. It can also be mounted above or below the main mirror.

Q. What is the size of the Clear Zone Mirror?
A. The size of the Clear Zone Mirror is 6 ½ from left to right, 3 in height and 2 1/2 in depth. The Clear Zone Mirror is easy to install but you have to take your time to ensure you don’t break the mirror. The Clear Zone Mirror is a little stiff to move to your desired position, so be careful.


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3 Comments on "Clear Zone Mirror REVIEW | Exposed"

  1. I purchased a convex 4.5″x 6″large size mirror for $6.99, instead of this P.O.S.. It was glued on,/positioned, with a stack of dbl stick 1.5″ long tape pieces on the inside edge to cover my truck’s blind spots. They were stacked one at a time, on top of each other until the proper blind spot angle was found. Then 100% silicone on the outside edges, secured the mirror until the silicone cured up. Duct tape temporarily was used until the adhesives set up, then removed. THIS SET-UP WAS MY SOLUTION…”1975 chevy pick-up”. the “clear view” mirrors are too small, and not convex enough. It takes too long to focus on a target vehicle in them, because of their tiny size….My impression is that they would cause more accidents, than help prevent them….

  2. Could not get this to go on my side mirrors. It was easier with out the pad to protect the plastic on the mirror but with it it was to fat to install. It scratch up our plastic trying to put it on. Would definitely not recommend.

  3. If you carefully watch the commercial, the “demonstration” with the tractor-trailer is clearly faked. Note that the Clearzone mirror shows the truck passing the vehicle, but it NEVER shows up in the factory mirror (impossible for that length vehicle) and never shows up in the forward view of the vehicle despite the fact they clearly showed that it was passing the mirror. Faked. I’ve had a convex “spot” mirror on my side mirror for years and it does the job, but contrary to their claim, there is simply no substitute for turning your head. The “danger” scenario they show is only a problem if you are following too closely. As my flight instructor used to say: “God put your head on a swivel for a reason!”

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