Clean Reach REVIEW

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What is Clean Reach?

Clean Reach is a scrub brush with an extendable Easy Reach handle, that claims to drive away the problems associated with your day to day cleaning chores around the house.



Clean Reach REVIEW

Clean Reach has a lot of missing information such as pole material, extension length, dimension, weight, the anti-microbial scrubber head, does the head pivot, can you buy replacement pads separately and head size. There is no other company that sells their products without mentioning such important information.

It is more expensive than its Scotch Brite counterpart and it doesn’t have the quality. You will be happy you saved your money.

Clean Reach may work on tubs that are already mostly clean but if you have a build-up of grime then this Clean Reach scrubber won’t even touch it. The Clean Reach pole doesn’t lock into place once extended (mentioned in multiple reviews), and the scrubber required a lot of exertion to do its job.

This Clean Reach gadget can’t duplicate the results of getting in the tub on all fours and cleaning the tub the old-fashioned way.

Clean Reach works alright but is very difficult to use because the head constantly flops around.

Clean Reach doesn’t work at all. First, the handle won’t stay extended while in use. Second, the scrubber pad is curiously ineffective. It may be too stiff.

If you are 5’3″ you may find Clean Reach very uncomfortable to use. You may have to bend or reach up because the stick – even though it’s extendable – it is still short.

After a few months you may notice lists of dark stuff running out of the cleaning end. Water had gotten inside the Clean Reach handle and caused it to rust.

For a light cleaning of a barely dirty area, Clean Reach will work. But honestly, so would a mop at that point. Using a mop to clean out the bottom of a tub before does a decent job too. If something needs a good scrubbing, the Clean Reach tool just didn’t cut it; the results from Clean Reach still aren’t as good as a good hands-and-knees scrubbing.


Clean Reach Question and Answers

Q. Is the Clean Reach pad microfiber and safe for acrylic tub?
A. The Clean Reach pad is quite rough. Using Clean Reach on a fiberglass tub cleans it really well. It also does not scratch.

Q. How long does the Clean Reach pad last? Is it hard to wring dry?
A. Unsure how long it will last but the Clean Reach pad dries almost immediately outside.

Q. Is the scrubber head machine washable?
A. NOPE. Simply soak it in the sink. It may not be advisable to put it in the washing machine.

Q. Are the Clean Reach bristles of brush sturdy enough for ceramic tile floor cleaning?
A. There are no bristles. It is a scrub pad on a handle that will not hold the extended position.

Q. Would this be good to clean glass aquariums?
A. No, it is too bulky.

Q. I need something to wash my painted ceiling. I think the pad that came will scratch the paint. Is there a replacement pad that is sponge?
A. When the Clean Reach pad is used to clean the glazed wall treatment in a shower it leaves no marks or scratches.

Q. Do they make a soft sponge attachment for this?
A. No, there is no soft sponge attachment for this.

Q. How do I lock the handle in extended mode? I have twisted right and left, with no luck.
A. Hold one part of the handle and twist the other one. So both parts of the handle don’t move at same time.

Q. Clean Reach bristles are soft, medium or hard?
A. The Clean Reach bristles are medium- it’s difficult to manipulate in tight corners.

Q. Does the Clean Reach scrub head lock in place or does it just flop around?
A. The Clean Reach scrub head does not lock but it stays in place while you apply pressure to it when you are scrubbing. The handle locks in place at any length by twisting it.

Q. Does Clean Reach pick up hair? If so, does it rinse off easily?
A. Yes, but hair does not rinse off easily. It is great for scrubbing the tub.

Q. Granted this is a knee saver, but does Clean Reach really clean off soap scum on tub bottom?
A. Yes Clean Reach does clean off soap scum on tub bottoms.


How does Clean Reach work?

Reach out to those top and bottom corners without having to climb or crouch – Clean Reach asserts that with its Easy Reach handle, it allows you to reach those dark corners that usually go neglected or the tight spaces that force you to get into those awkward positions to scrub them clean. Though there are no reviews yet about the product, as per the claims of Easy Reach, its extendable handle is perfect for any cleaning job.

Clean Reach claims that its extendable Easy Reach handle is the one stop solution to your floor to ceiling scrubbing which not only helps you get rid of that back ache you constantly complain of, but also helps with easy and touch free cleaning. With no reviews yet about the product, one must try it out and attest as to how far the easy floor to ceiling scrubbing is possible. According to the claims made by Clean Reach with its Easy Reach handle, cleaning your bathroom no longer has to be a pain in the knees.

Drive that dirt away – It’s flexible non scratch pad promises that Clean Reach is a safe bet for those tight spaces, dingy corners, recesses and grout lines in your bathrooms. The contoured non scratch pad seems to be a problem solver for those. No longer have the energy to bend, crouch, climb or kneel to try and reach out to those spaces behind the toilet, or those corner spots that always need cleaning in the shower cubicle or bath tub? Clean Reach claims that it is now your one stop solution for all of those scrubbing needs. With the non-scratch material claimed to be used for the scrub, Clean Reach not only helps maintain those shiny tiles in your bath room or kitchen but also ensures that they are scratch free too. While all these claims and promises sound like the ultimate solution to your daily cleaning needs at home, the claims are not yet accounted for by any users. Users will have to try out Easy Reach to attest the many claims made by them.


Easy to clean, easy to store – With its easy and simple design, Clean Reach can be stored with ease and also be cleaned with the very same ease. Clean Reach claims that to clean up once you are done using the scrub, all that is needed is for it to be rinsed. With its Easy Reach handle, Clean Reach claims to be a great offering to all those scrubbing needs be it floors, tubs, shower doors or tiled walls. With a number of a fancy claims made by Clean Reach, only a user can support or refute these claims after a firsthand experience with the product.


What do I get?

  • 2 Easy Reach handle
  • 6 scrubbing pads.

Price: $10.00 CDN plus $15.90 CDN P&H | Official website:

10 Comments on "Clean Reach REVIEW"

  1. Charlene Moore | September 6, 2017 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    First I ordered 1 set (the buy 1 get 1 plus s&oh) Then I ordered 3 more sets and ordered the metal handles. We hava home up north and trailer home in Florida. Our daughter was hit by a car while practicing for a bicycle race and our granddaughter had to take over cleaning showers and we went to stay with them and I had to clean home as well. I love them in that they do work well for a cheaply made product. However I did purchase for the second 3 plus the 3 extra ones the metal handle you could purchase. They never came. I’ve asked and am told my name or email, nor any of my order numbers are in the system. Nowhere can I be found, and even with order numbers they do not show me in their systems anywhere. So I’ll never get my metal handles nor my money back. Because according to them I’ve never ordered from them, nor do I exist. When you try to find out where your stuff is, they want your name address, order number and get this, you credit card number and info on it. Never, never, never order from this company! They always want credit card info first. Don’t give it to them because even if you decide you changed your mind and don’t want to order, weeks later you’ll find it on your card that you ordered it, weeks later I should include.

  2. I want to cancel my order I only wanted the $10.00 one without the second one, please cancel the second one

  3. I did not follow thru with my order and 6 weeks later my bank was charged anyways and it was not just $10- $34.95 and have not recieved my product.

  4. Darwin Hanson | January 1, 2017 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    At, after they have your credit card and bill it, they charge extra for metal handles…..really? The product must be a knock off if they have an upgrade after you make the purchase…and of, that is $5.00 per unit more.

  5. I just ordered one on Sunday Aug, 28th and I have received three phone calls from telemarketers acting as thou they are confirming my address only to try and sell me something else. I shop on line all the time and have never had this experience. I do not recommend ordering from this “company”.

  6. I ordered a clean reach on January 20th and still have not received it. Only good thing is I have not been charged but even if I receive the order now – it will be returned unopened and unaccepted. So administrator cancel my order……

  7. Me too ordered it for me and a friend and nothing. I order ed it Jan 28 and nothing???

  8. I ordered clean reach on jan. 26 and have not received it yet, what is the problem?

    • Same situation with me. I actually ordered mine on the same day as John, Jan-26-2015 and still haven’t received my order, either. Now their website displays as currently unavailable.

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