Clarisonic SMART Profile Review

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What is Clarisonic SMART Profile

It is a skincare device that claims to offer you perfect body sonic cleansing on the back of its SMART Technology.

Clarisonic SMART Profile assures that now you can get brilliant body cleansing results without any hassle. Cleansing is the first step when it comes to skin care; no two ways about it. You want to ensure that all the impurities on your skin are cleansed and pores are unclogged to make sure it looks radiant and smooth. Clarisonic SMART Profile maintains that it is now possible without a lot of effort.



How it works

Clarisonic SMART Profile asserts that it has been specially designed to ensure that it is smarter, easier to use and way more powerful than your regular cleansing solutions. The SMART technology it employs allows it to read the two smart enabled brush heads and move from gentle to deep cleansing seamlessly. Clarisonic SMART Profile is also easier to use because the brush head indicator it has illuminates to let you know that it’s time to change the brush head. It also has 4 profile speeds with the ability to auto adjust speed for complete user convenience.

Clarisonic SMART Profile has been created so that it is more powerful than regular cleansing means you use. Its amplified turbo speed can remove makeup 11 times better than hands alone, according to its claims. Thus you have a superior cleansing experience from head to toe. Some of the other important features of the Clarisonic SMART Profile include its intuitive user interface, which makes it very simple to use for beginners. The enhanced battery life it has makes sure you can get optimum use out of it. It is also built to last and comes with a 3 year warranty.


It has versatile brush heads

The performance of the Clarisonic SMART Profile is boosted by its two different brush heads that are meant for gentle and deep cleansing. The dynamic Facial Brush Head can be used on all skin types and is SMART profile activated so that it can adjust from deep to gentle cleansing automatically. The programmed brush head replacement indicator is an added advantage. Clarisonic SMART Profile also has a Turbo Massage Body Brush Head that has all the similar features and is smart enabled for exfoliating cleanse and massage. It’s the brush head that can be used all over your body.


Patented Sonic Technology makes it effective

Clarisonic SMART Profile stresses on the fact that it has an edge over other cleansing methods because of its patented Sonic Technology. Unlike other spinning devices, because of this technology, it works with your skin’s natural elasticity and oscillates at a sonic frequency. Overall it produces more than 300 movements per second, which results in flexing action. That’s what makes Clarisonic SMART Profile capable of loosening dirt and oil from your skin. What’s more, it can also remove the stubborn impurities from the pores while priming your skin to absorb topical treatments a lot better, according to its claims.


Gels and polish offer comprehensive results

While Clarisonic SMART Profile offers impeccable cleansing, the results are further boosted by the presence of gels and polish it has. The Refining Skin Polish is a body scrub that contains jojoba beads, acai fruit oil and grape seed extract. These ingredients make it the right choice for exfoliating and softening rough and dry skin. It’s paraben free and claims to have an invigorating effect on your skin to make it look smoother. Moreover it leads to Clarisonic SMART Profile making your skin ripe for absorbing lotions and sunless tanners.

Clarisonic SMART Profile also comes with a purifying, foaming gel cleanser in the form of Refreshing Gel. It not only eliminates skin impurities but reduces imperfections too. What’s more, it can control any excess skin shine making it look supple and refreshed as well.


It has proven benefits

Clarisonic SMART Profile stresses that it offers you effective cleansing results while still being gentler than your regular rotating brushes and superficial cleansing methods. You will also be pleased to find that it has proven results that certainly make their mark. Firstly, studies have shown that Clarisonic SMART Profile can give 6 times better results than hands on cleaning alone. Moreover it results in 61% better absorption of Vitamin C after its use. Thus this vital ingredient for your skin’s health will now be absorbed a lot better.

Daily use of the Clarisonic SMART Profile has been proven to be twice as gentle and safe. Thus you can make the most out of it without a care in the world even if you have the most sensitive skin. According to studies, Clarisonic SMART Profile has also led to 94% people reporting softer skin and 90% users reporting glowing, more radiant skin.


How to use

Clarisonic SMART Profile has been designed to be very simple for use and right at the onset you will need to charge the handle for 24 hours. You can then remove eye makeup by hand before applying cleanser to the moistened skin or a damp brush head. As you press the on/off button of the Clarisonic SMART Profile, the cleansing brush will be turned on after which you can choose the desired speed. You can follow the T-timer prompts as you move the brush head in small circular motions.

To get the best out of your Clarisonic SMART Profile it’s recommended that you use the brush head movement for 20 seconds on your forehead. It can then be applied on your nose and chin for 20 seconds and 10 seconds each on either cheek. The thing to note is that the brush head should be kept flush to the skin as pressing it hard will make it less effective. It’s ideal to change the brush head of the Clarisonic SMART Profile after every three months. You can do that by gripping the brush head and pushing and twisting it counter-clockwise before pulling it away from the handle. New brush head can then be pushed and twisted clockwise to snap it back in place.

What do I get?

You get Clarisonic SMART Profile for $265.Official website

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