Cize Vs PiYo

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Compare what it is? Cize Vs PiYo

What is Cize?
Cize is a dance workout DVD set by Shaun T which helps you get fit in 4 weeks through professionally choreographed dance routines. The 6 dance course routine teaches you to dance while you lose weight. For more information please check this CIZE review page.

What is PiYo?
PiYo is a DVD workout set which combines Yoga and Pilates with elements of dance and martial arts. Rather than holding long, intense poses or leading you through dozens of repetitive, microscopic core movements, PiYo speeds up everything including results.


Compare how does it work? Cize Vs PiYo

How does Cize work?
The instructor Shaun T breaks down the freshest choreography step-by-step, move-by-moves that by the end of the workout anyone can bust out an impressive dance sequence and yet at the same time lose weight and have a fit, lean body.

How does PiYo work?
PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. The workout is of a higher speed so as to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.


Compare methods? Cize Vs PiYo

Methods of Cize
Cize’s 6 professional dance routines teaches you step-by-step over the next 30 days. They are easy to learn as the routines are built around very simple movements that you do every day. The makers claim that you’ll be so focussed on mastering the moves and having fun that you’ll forget you’re getting a cardio, core and strengthening workout the whole time.

Methods of PiYo
PiYo speeds up everything including results by introducing you to dynamic, flowing sequences that burn serious calories at the same time as they lengthen and tone your muscles and increase your flexibility. With every action-packed PiYo session, you can burn excess fat and sculpt and define your whole body, as you minimize the aches and pains that can come along with high-impact workouts.


Compare features? Cize Vs PiYo

– The dance moves of Cize are easy to follow and since it is of low impact, it is ideal for beginners and
even pregnant women (under supervision).
– The six exhilarating, calorie-scorching routines will teach you how to dance while you lose weight.
– With progressing courses, you will become more moving, start sweating and burning more calories.

– Helps in strength training, sculpts muscles and increases flexibility
– The modifiers offer low impact workout sessions
– Nonstop fluid movement.


Compare what to expect? Cize Vs PiYo

– After 30 days, you’ll be feeling like a rockstar and dancing like a pro.
– You’ll be able to prepare healthy food with the provided recipes.
-You’ll have a well-toned, fit and lean body.

– With PiYo you can get significant results faster than traditional yoga or pilates.
– You will be able to improve flexibility
– Alternate method to strength training
– You can get into a great shape while having fun at the same time


Compare Exercises? Cize Vs PiYo

Cize sets up 8 weeks of fun workout starting with Crazy 8s signature moves, then increasing the number of moves in ‘You got this’, followed by a Full Out routine focusing on the core. Next comes lots of sliding and fast feet in 4th week, then sharp and fast moves as in martial arts, followed by complex moves and finally floor crunches for the abs.

PiYo focuses on 7 workouts starting with the fundamentals, moving up to the upper and lower body, followed by fast-paced cardio and body weight resistance, then comes endurance workout, then sculpting by generating muscular endurance and finally nonstop body carving workout.


Compare Price? Cize Vs PiYo

Cize is priced at $59.85 (+$12.95 S&H)

PiYo is also priced at $59.85 (+$12.95 S&H)


Compare what do I get? Cize Vs PiYo

6 dance workouts on 3 DVDs, meal plan, beginner and advanced calendars and 8 count abs workout.

7 workouts on 3 DVDs, Quick Start Guide, PiYo 60-day workout calendar and Get Lean eating plan.


Compare Pros and Cons? Cize Vs PiYo

Cize Pros and Cons
– The dance moves are easy to follow
– The low impact moves make it great and beneficial for beginners and even pregnant women to some extent
– Shaun T is a great instructor to follow and the backup dancers are legitimate professionals
– On sharing before and after pictures, one can be eligible to receive some cool socks

– The outdated karaoke music played only for about 3 minutes during the workout
– The steps are too easy and hardly lets you break a sweat
– Once you’ve learned the sequence it is very likely for someone to get tired of the workout format

PiYo Pros and Cons
– With PiYo you are always on the move
– Great for those who dislike the stillness aspect of a yoga practice
– Helps gain strength and improve flexibility
– Choreographed moves keeps it interesting
– Modifiers offer low impact options
– The instructor Chalene is a is a good teacher and motivator
– Most of the first month workouts are short
– Low impact strength/ flexibility combos are shorter than expected
– There is a lack of cardio exercise
– Some workouts incorporated cardio but only on upper, lower and core (each being a short workout)


Compare reviews: Cize Vs PiYo

Cize Review

John Paul Parrot in his Cize review says that in order to do Cize one has to be seriously committed. He says that it goes way beyond Hip Hop Abs or Rockin’ body. The cardio component is off the charts as moving to dance steps makes you try harder to keep up and makes every workout result in a flop-sweat. According to him, the workout is generally aimed at women and men below 35 yrs. Being 44, the Cize workout was a significant challenge to break out of his shell and go Flashdance. He believes that it is an advanced workout that develops inhuman levels of co-ordination and should not be mistaken for Mom’s waltz instructional VHS tape.

Though it is an amazing product, John doubts it will last beyond 5 years before revising it to match current trends. In his opinion there is nothing that quite matches a Cize workout. Since it requires concentration in solitude, it is not for those without a private place and kids are running about. He would not recommend it to someone who just loves to dance as the workout has the benefits of insanity with the bonus of learning a new skill.

PiYo Review

Gina Harney in her PiYo review says that she really loves the workout as it always keeps her moving. Since she is not very comfortable staying still as is the case in yoga practice, PiYo seems like a good choice. Moreover it is a fun way to change her routine since her teaching schedule is quite minimal. As the PiYo workout is based on body-weight, it is a great option to improve flexibility and a variation in your strength training method. The choreographed moves by Chalene Johnson makes the workout interesting and motivates you to work harder without going crazy.

With the PiYo workout, you don’t need any equipment and it is also low impact which means you can do it within the comfort of your own home or even enjoy a workout while you are travelling. Also there is a lack of cardio exercise and the workouts are really short. As far as challenge is concerned Gina says that she didn’t really find the PiYo workout very challenging and it was exactly what she was looking for. For a more cardio or challenge oriented workout, she recommends TurboFire (kickboxing + dance), Insanity (the classic never dies), or the new 21dayfix Extreme.


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