Chill Chest Cooler REVIEW

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About Chill Chest

It claims to be a revolutionary As Seen On TV cooler that is stackable and requires no ice to keep things cold for hours. Its compact design is perfect for holding items and collapsing easily for storage.

Chill Chest CLAIMS

Keep things cold for hours – Chill Chest proclaims to be a cooler that doesn’t require ice to keep items cold within it for hours. It states to have a Temperature Lock Technology that traps the cold inside and can be even used to store hot things inside. How well does this technology work will be known once users review Chill Chest.


Solid construction – Chill Chest guarantees to provide a sturdy, roomy place to hold lots of items. It asserts to have a polypropylene construction that can hold over 100 times its own weight. And it alleges to be as light as 2 pounds for easy portability even by older individuals. We will need more reviews to validate its claims.

Collapsible design – The amazing Chill Chest assures that it has enough room to hold up to 60 cans and keep them cold for up to 10 hours. After use, it declares to collapse to a flat shape for convenient storage. Did you find Chill Chest work as promised? Send us your reviews.

Chest Chill Review

According to Kim Conner, a Chest Chill reviewer, it is made using Styrofoam-like material and requires care while handling. She warns that it is delicate and mishandling can result in hinges falling apart or the box breaking.

Sue Glover’s review complains that Chest Chill is hard to carry and isn’t as durable as it claims to be.

Another review by Hector French states that Chest Chill might be sturdier but isn’t as tough as it claims. But he does applaud its usability when it comes to holding things cold while running errands. He also suggests users not to fill ice in it since it can start leaking after it melts.

One customer, Daniel Webber asserts that Chest Chill doesn’t keep ice cold for a long time as it promises and leaks everywhere. He further states that it is more or less like a foam cooler that can fold flat and isn’t worth the price.

Tom Barnes, a reviewer exposes it to be a cheaply made Styrofoam box and questions its durability. His Chest Chill’s hinge broke too easily after a week of use. Furthermore, he says that he doubted its delicate build and was nervous from the start to keep it with other items in his car.

Chest Chill Questions and Answers

Q. Will Chest Chill boot the water when the ice melts?
A. It doesn’t require ice to keep things cold, but if ice is kept, it will leak upon melting.

Q. What material is Chest Chill made of?
A. It is made using high-density Styrofoam and seems that it is made in Germany. Overall, the box is sturdy and durable.

Q. Will Chest Chill get heavy to carry if filled with cans to its maximum capacity?
A. The box itself is very light in weight but yes it can get a little heavy owing to the weight from cans. Also, do check its weight capacity limit before filling it up to prevent breaking.

Q. Is Chest Chill competent enough on its own to keep things cold or will it require an additional purchase of flexi-freeze ice sheets to keep things cold inside?
A. It is designed with a technology that locks the temperature of items stocked inside it. So if cold items are kept in it, the chest will preserve its temperature for several hours on its own.

Q. Can ants get into Chest Chill easily?
A. Yes, they can because it doesn’t latch closed and its grid assembly isn’t watertight.

Q. Will it leak water if ice is kept inside for storage?
A. Yes, upon melting it will leak.

Chill Chest Cooler Verdict

Chill Chest Cooler is not the unique product, there are many such other products available in the market. The price of $ 39.99 is not worth the product if we go by the reviews and also it is available only on the official website An alternative to it can be a similar product named flip-box insulation box. There are various options available in this product but flip-box (X-Large) have the closest description as that of chill chest i. e. it stores 60 cans. You can look for this product on though the price of this product is quite high it is totally worth it as this product have got 4.6 star out of 5 and majority of the good reviews are from the verified purchasers.We do not recommend Chill Chest Cooler, as there are alternative good quality similar products worth the price.

What do I get?
2 Chill Chests for $39.99 with $19.98 shipping and handling at the official website

Compare Chill Chest with eSky Cooler.

5 Comments on "Chill Chest Cooler REVIEW"

  1. Barbara Trebian | June 5, 2018 at 10:45 pm | Reply

    LOL It’s a fancy styrofoam box, nothing more what a disappointment made in China. The price will go up after they put the tarrif on. lol wish I had looked at the reviews before I bought this thing way overpriced for what it is “do not buy”

  2. Just use cold paks or ice cubes in a ziplock bag.

  3. So if it keeps ice cream frozen why does ice melt in it.

    • That’s what I want to know Kerry. LOL It’s a fancy styrofoam box, nothing more. If you ask your green grocer for a styrofoam box packing box they would probably give it to you for a few dollars.

  4. At least some people have received their chill chests. I placed my order on 08/17/17 and still it is backordered. Aftet reviews, not sure if it is worth waiting for.

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