Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection REVIEW

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What is Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection

As per the TV infomercial it is a set of three ingenious utensils that make kitchen chores easy. Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection claims to comprise of Gripping Spatulas, Gripping Whisks and Straining Ladles. Each of the Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection utensils are allegedly designed to provide comfort and enhanced functionality. At this point of time there are no Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection reviews available to attest to its claims.



Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection CLAIMS

Innovative Collection – Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection asserts to come with a Gripping Whisk which can be used to pick food items, grip it and flip it with ease. It has a secure hold that picks smallest of items with ease. It can even strain spaghetti easily. Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection states that once locked, the whisk provides best whisking. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed. Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection declares to have a Gripping Spatula that also helps in gripping, flipping and turning eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, etc. A Straining Ladle is provided with unique straining lid. Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection proclaims the ladle to be perfect for controlling the amount of broth in the soup. It is great to strain canned goods straight through it. Send us your Cathy Mitchell’s Cooking Collection reviews for further analysis.


Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula Review

One user who used Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula reveals in her review, “I am thoroughly disappointed with the quality of this spatula.”

Another user who purchased Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula writes in her review, “Very flimsy. It slides on a grill hard to help flip the food.”

One other Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula review states, “It’s better to use a foil on the grill instead of this cheap spatula. It created a terrible mess that I had to clean up. Complete waste of money.”

Another user writes in her Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula review, “My concern is the plastic smell it releases while washing it under hot water or while exposed to heat. The smell even gets added in the flavor of soup or liquid if it’s left in it. There is no information whether the material used is food grade or not.”

A Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula user states in her review, “It’s very cumbersome to use and doesn’t slide it very well. Its equal to a dollar store material at best.”

One user who bought Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula complains in his review, “It fails miserably to hold eggs long enough while flipping. The design is completely useless.”

Another Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula review by a customer reveals, “I found it satisfactory for flipping fish-sticks but it’s priced higher for its quality.”

Another Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula customer reviews it as, “The two parts have a distance in its associated image while in real it just sticks together and doesn’t work.”

One other customer who purchased it says, “It requires you to stick a finger between the two parts to open it wide enough to fit a hamburger in the first place.”

One Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula user skeptically puts a review, “I will keep it since it is handy, dishwasher safe and I found it at a discounted price.”

A Cathy Mitchell’s Gripping Spatula customer notes that there is missing information. Her review says, “There is no way to know what material is used, what is the capacity of the ladle, what is the size of spatula and if any of these utensils are heat resistant.”


What do I get?

  • 2 Cathy Mitchell Gripping Whisk
  • 2 Cathy Mitchell Gripping Spatula
  • 2 Cathy Mitchell Straining Ladle

Price: $14.99 plus $9.98 processing and handling at the Official website:

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