Carolite by Touch Of Eco

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What is Touch Of Eco Carolite

It is a solar window candle light that claims to offer you the classic holiday ambiance without any hassle. Touch Of Eco Carolite asserts that now you can get that stunning holiday ambiance in your homes with a candle that doesn’t need to be plugged in and you don’t have to worry about the flames either.

A beautiful candlelight can change the look of a room and add to the ambiance to a large extent. But the regular candles are not always the best option and electric choices take up a lot of energy. That’s where this solar candle has its advantages according to its claims. However we will only believe these claims after going through Touch Of Eco Carolite reviews.


Solar energy, an Eco-friendly option

At the heart of this solar candle is a high efficiency solar panel that is responsible for powering it. The panel is specially engineered and designed at an angle to ensure maximum exposure to the Sun. Touch Of Eco Carolite reviews can reveal the true benefits of this solar panel. Thus using this candle is very easy and you just attach it to a window with the help of suction cups. It will be locked in place and draw solar energy during the day, which will power it at nights. What did you make of these suction cups and functioning of the candle? We hope to find out from your Touch Of Eco Carolite reviews.

Another important aspect of this candle is that it is flameless and you don’t have to worry about any mishaps if it stays on at night. In fact, it automatically turns on at night without you having to plug it in. We await Touch Of Eco Carolite reviews to shed more light on these claims.


Packed with cool features

The LED tip of the candle comes on at night and the candle will flicker like a real one. You will also be pleased to find that it gives you 6 – 8 hours of holiday lighting every night. That might seem like a farfetched claim, which is why we will make up our minds after going through Touch Of Eco Carolite reviews. The auto day and night sensor is another highlight of this candle, which has a gold base and a white body. The candle tip has the frosted appearance, adding to its realistic look. We will get our hands on Touch Of Eco Carolite reviews to ascertain these claims.


What do I get?

Buy Carolite Solar Window Candle Light for $49.99 + $3.99 p/h. Official website:

2 Comments on "Carolite by Touch Of Eco"

  1. Mine never worked. The suction cup wouldn’t hold.

  2. 6-8 hours of light? Maybe 6-8 minutes. Then they go on and off for about 10 seconds every 30 minutes all night long. Don’t waste your money. They are worthless.

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