Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

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Compare what is it? Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are laser diode based caps that help in treating hair loss. These caps have comfortable and safe design and are completely non-surgical laser method to slow down potential androgenetic alopecia and even increase the chances of regrowth of hair.

Capillus 202 comprises of 202 Laser Diodes that offer best of both worlds, a great coverage and an affordable price.

Capillus 272 is an advanced cap that provides maximum coverage for faster results. It has 272 laser diodes that help in hair growth.

Capillus 82 is a value-priced device with 82 Laser Diodes that offers decent coverage at an economical cost.


Compare what to expect? Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are all a part of revolutionary hair treatment and restoration series. These are ergonomically designed caps that have hands-free design. These laser-technology based caps can cover the entire scalp in one go and doesn’t need dedicated time to do so. Fused with a stylish cap, Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 can be put on anytime and anywhere. These are designed by world’s leading surgeons, researchers, and engineers.

The bio-stimulating lasers in these caps increase the capillary blood flow to the dermis of the skin. Such an action ensures that hereditary hair loss is slowed down and fresh hair is regrown from the scalp.

Capillus 82 is designed at an affordable price to help men and women to prevent progression of hair loss and promote conditions that are required for a laser hair growth.


Compare how does it work? Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

All three devices, Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 use the same science of low-level laser light to the scalp. The phototherapy helps in stimulating the cellular activity of hair follicles and promotes flow of blood in the scalp. The smart design allows users to wear the device under a sports cap that is included with the device. The laser-diodes snugly fit the scalp and the hands-free design allows its use comfortable while performing daily activities.

The light diode design is being cleared by FDA for safe use by users. The laser diodes are activated with a mobile battery pack that can be charged overnight and last for a week’s use. The red laser lights are cool to touch and comfortable for the 30 minute use per day.


Compare how long before you see the results? Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

The three devices Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are meant for use every other day for 30 minutes. The alternate day therapy is suitable for men and women both. The results vary as per the patients uniqueness and their follicle system. Upon regular use, the initial change might be biologically occurring within the skin but might be invisible to the naked eyes. It is recommended that Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 should be used consistently as results have started surfacing within 2 to 4 months of regular use.


Is it FDA approved?

Yes all three Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

are FDA approved


Compare How is it powered: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

All 3 Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

have three laser diode based systems have mobile battery pack. It is made from rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that do not get affected by memory effect. The battery packs are ultra-portable and doesn’t add discomfort the user wearing it.


How long does the battery last? Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

The batteries of all three Capillus 202, 272 & 82 last for about a week’s use on a single charge as per the recommended application duration.


Compare Battery Charging Time: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

The batteries in Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 should be kept overnight for charging it fully.


Compare Safety: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are heavily tested and researched. They are prescribed through an international network comprising of licensed physicians. Each user receives a personalized hair loss diagnosis and physician referral. The physician will guide the user for proper use to ensure best possible outcome and receiving a healthier, fuller head full of hair. They don’t portray any type of side-effects and is deemed safe by FDA too.


Compare Warnings: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

These devices Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are to be used only on alternate days. Also ensure that they are not used for one whole day between sessions. The total time for each session should not exceed 30 minutes as it will not increase the effect of the laser therapy but can cause a negative effect instead. Also, it is recommended not to use these caps if user is taking medications or products that photosensitize the scalp. Also a physician consultation is a must for users who have cancer of the scalp or have sensitivity to pulsed light of 650 nm in wavelength.


Compare Price: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

Capillus 202 – $1,999.00

Capillus 272 – $3,000.00

Capillus 82 – $799.00


Compare Warranty: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 comes with 2, 3 and 1 year limited warranty respectively on the laser cap device. All three of them have a 1 year limited warranty on the AC Adapter and battery pack.


Compare Reviews: Capillus 202 vs 272 vs 82

Miguel Dixon, a reviewer who used one of the Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 devices complains that he failed to see any results after 6 months of regular use. He warns other users that these caps are useless and a waste of money.

A similar complaint is mentioned in Laura Pena’s review of Capillus devices. She also didn’t see any result in 4 months duration. Her charger also broke down and required replacement.

Another Capillus 202 user, Jesse Oliver reveals in his review that there is little progress in his scalp. The good thing he has noticed is that the hair fall has lessened but the growth of new hair seems to be pretty slow.

Another customer Stella Bailey faced problems with recharging the battery. Also she didn’t notice any change or results and ended up with an itchy scalp after 3 months use.

A user, Angel Gordon asserts in her Capillus review that there has been no result whatsoever after 6 months of use. Her review further reveals that the caps that come with Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are too round to fit most human heads. For her, the cap slid and fell off most of the times as human head is more of an egg-shaped than perfect round.

Della McBride, a customer who tried one of the three Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 caps says that she saw slight to moderate hair regrowth. In her review she says that even though there are results coming out of its use, the cost of the device is way too much for such modest results.
Another user Ivan Ruiz says in his review that he is hopeful to see more improvement and says currently the hair fall has lessened in comparison to before.

Allan Parsons on the other hand is not seeing any results or effect on his chronic hair loss issue. His review shows deep dissatisfaction especially because Capillus devices are costly and their money back policy is skewed too. He cautions other users from purchasing it.

A reviewer Olli Dennis calls using Capillus device a horrible experience. She saw that the hair that had started growing due to a PRP begun to fall after use of Capillus.

A Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 review by Oscar Bradley reveals that there had been no significant change on his scalp even after 3 months of use. The device was highly uncomfortable to wear and would leave behind strong impressions of its design on the forehead. Such a design imprint might look weird and is not suitable to be seen in the public for at least up to 2 hours after its use.

Sue Farmer used Capillus every second day as recommended but noticed so sign of improvement. She thinks the cap might be too small and the problem with it is that there is no adjustable feature. Plus none of the three Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 comes in different sizes to fit various individuals. As per her review, she is dejected with such unavailability in size even after spending such a high price.

Another Capillus reviewer, Willie Warner calls it an expensive baseball cap that doesn’t fit well. She says that Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 devices might be helpful as an assisting therapy to medication but otherwise doesn’t seem to bear any fruits. Also the price itself is too much to ask for something that doesn’t work as promised.

A review by Leland Mack states that his Capillus cap’s rubber connector came off. It basically connected the battery pack to the diodes and now the individual wires are exposed. His Capillus’s battery life is also less and needs recharging after two uses max. His review further explains that even after recommended use for 3 months, he hasn’t seen any significant change in his hair condition except they seem to be thicker now. Additionally, his review of Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 hair product solutions such as shampoo and conditioner is not positive. He says that they all bear a strong chemical smell to them and can make sensitive people cough.

Chris Hanson’s 3 months experience of Capillus was horrible. He noticed that the hair issues he possessed went from bad to worse. It started with mild shedding and resulted in a mild patch of missing hair. As per his review, Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 are meant to help promote thinning hairlines but the cap instead caused hair loss in the areas that had no problem. He warns other users from trying it and suggests stopping treatment early on if they see any such side effect as the result can be disastrous.

A Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 reviewer Kari Kim didn’t see any result or change in her hair condition. She says that the cap simply doesn’t work and doesn’t even fit well. Her review complains that Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 can dig into the head and after 30 minutes of use can leave marks on the forehead. In worst conditions, it can even cause headaches. Her review asserts that it might due to some kind of energy or radiation that the diodes cause. She questions whether this is the case only with her or other users have also noticed similar issues.

Sonja Fuller noticed spikes on the ends of each bulb and found them to be uncomfortable. Her review also reveals similar issues regarding the size as other users did. There is no clear design and tighter caps left indentation marks on the forehead. After using Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 for 30 minutes of so can leave blood spots on the scalp and there is guarantee that it is really working on the hair follicles.

A Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 reviewer, Wilbert Robinson discovered that the cap had problems when it came to the battery. He needed to squeeze it to ensure that the diodes turn on. Also many a times it fails to blink as it did initially and stayed on during use. He also states that it would have been nice to have a car charging cord to power the cap for on-the-go use.

According to Dave Chapman’s review, the cap doesn’t have a well-thought ergonomic shape. He calls its shape and size awkward and can fail to sit on the head firmly. As per his review, Capillus 202, Capillus 272 and Capillus 82 will slide left and right without actually providing a snuggly fit. He says that the cap should be molded as a single shell design and made available in different sizes as regular caps. He doesn’t like the fact that that Capillus charges a lot for their caps but have ignored such basic facts

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