Burger Bowl

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What is Burger Bowl

It is a specially designed bowl that promises to help you make gourmet burgers without any mess involved. Burger Bowl maintains that making those mouthwatering burgers at home is easy and hassle free. You like to make burgers with all your favorite toppings at home but the problem lies in the fact that they just don’t stay in place and fall around, leaving an annoying mess behind.

This smartly created kitchen tool claims to offer you a way around this problem, which also means you can make gourmet burgers at home in a matter of minutes. Sadly since we don’t have enough Burger Bowl reviews we can’t verify these claims for you.


Simple and easy way to make gourmet burgers

Everyone in the family loves burgers but you don’t want them to eat those store bought options on a regular basis. Now you can get the same taste and much better quality at home with the help of this bowl, which is very easy to use. To begin with you can use the press that comes with the bowl to make the perfect patty that can be used the way you want. We will go through Burger Bowl reviews to analyze this claim. Once the patty is formed over and around the bowl, you can grill it and cook just the way you want. It can then be flipped and the burger bowl removed with the help of extraction tool. Is it that easy to use? We hope your Burger Bowl reviews will talk more about it.

We will also go through Burger Bowl reviews because we want to find out about the use of toppings of your choice, which it is stressed, remain in place at all times.


Versatile cooking options for you

This bowl to make burgers can be used with lean ground beef, turkey, lamb or chicken to create delicious burgers for the entire family. Right from Southwest burger to the Chicken Cowboy, Chicken Cordon Blue to Ground Lamb Gyro; there are several recipes that you can make with it and impress the guests with your cooking skills. Burger Bowl reviews will be able to tell us if it is the versatile cooking solution for your kitchens. One of the biggest advantages of using this bowl is that it doesn’t make any mess and is dishwasher safe. When not in use you can store it away in the mesh bag, which is an added advantage. Burger Bowl reviews can give us more information about its convenience.


What do I get?

The Burger Bowl System includes

  • 4 Burger Bowls
  • 1 Patty press
  • 1 Extraction tool
  • 1 Mesh storage bag
  • 1 Burger Bowl Recipe Book

Price: $14.95 + $6.95 S&H $6.95 additional S&H | BuyBurgerBowl.com

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