Breville Boss Blender Review

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What is Breville Boss Blender

It is a high velocity blender with ultra-sophisticated features like ProKinetix blade and bowl system that help you prepare the finest recipes, blends and more without using any unhealthy and fattening medium like preservatives, sugar, salt etc. It prepares a range of healthy and delicious varieties and makes particles in any consistency turn 50% finer which traditional blenders can’t.


How does Breville boss Blender work?

Matchless features and exceptional versatility
The creators of Breville Boss Blender unveil it as a new phenomenon for your kitchen that consistently stirs up an incredible variety of the most delicious recipes like frozen desserts, nut butters, soups, mayonnaise, soy milks, green smoothies and more. Breville Boss Blender has a sophisticated look with performance that matches it in every aspect. It’s basically a high velocity blender that claims to go beyond ordinary blenders and processors. The highlight it boasts of is its special ProKinetix Blade and Bowl System, which consists of three powerful stainless steel blades aligned at the base of its jug. According to Breville, it is this feature of this blender that empowers it with an unmatched ability to cut through ingredients and process them flawlessly for splendid results.

Breville Boss Blender also has an attractive LCD display, a dedicated auto clean function to clean around blades perfectly and a whole lot of functions that make operating it a breeze. The construction and the design of the appliance seem to address every need intelligently. For instance, its High Performance Lid as its creators call it is designed to vent steam and prevent splatter while it is in action just like its timer with unique count-up and count-down modes and the pause button for maximum control and functions for maximum adaptability and possibilities. Its speed settings offer manual speed control of 12 speeds that switch between extremely slow to high speed levels as per your needs. It also has a push-in cord storage, accessories like flexible spatula to take ingredients out of the jar after blending them, a frozen dessert tamper to push frozen food into the blades and more to make your work easy and convenient.



Incredibly fine consistency
The high velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system of Breville Boss Blender are designed to pulverize a whole lot of ingredients finely in virtually any combination. In fact, Breville claims that this blender rocesses the ingredients so minutely that the particles in your blended consistencies actually turn 50% finer. It is known to enhance the absorption of nutrients and lend an exceptionally smooth texture, which is not possible to experience if you use other blenders in the market.

The creators of the Boss Blender assert that finely pulverized blends are known to be healthier and tastier. You can whip up a whole lot of mouth-watering delicacies with your Breville Boss Blender such as chocolate covered strawberry smoothies, watermelon sorbet, Chicken Thai Green Curry, Thom Ka Gai soup, Coco-Mac ice cream, lamb korma meatballs, gluten free sun dried tomato breakfast pizza and scores of several varieties. You can also make smoothies, frozen desserts, nut butters, mayonnaise and other things the way no other blender can.


Healthiest and finest recipes ever
What makes Breville Boss Blender all the more desirable is that it processes ingredients by in the healthiest way possible. It prepares perfect frozen desserts without preservatives, ensures you don’t have to add any salt or sugar in nut butters, hot soups taste fantastic sans flavorings, mayonnaise come out perfect without emulsifiers, soy milks without stabilizers, and green smoothies so smooth and fine that you don’t have to chew while relishing them. It is a pro at blending any kind of dips or frozen desserts, nut butters and also cooks soups. The blender promises that it ably maintains the taste and texture of all these varieties and ensures that you don’t compromise on our diet. It cuts out excessive calories by doing away with use of calorific medium that you previously had no choice but to consume when you used other alternatives.


Flawless breaking down and crushing abilities
Breville Boss Blender assures you that it breaks down all kinds of fruit and vegetables and blends them very smoothly. It can also crush ice and make it as soft and fine as snow, which you can add into your favorite cocktails to make them all velvety and delicious. It can also liquefy and aerate ingredients to help you make fine soups and smoothies. In addition to that, it comes with intelligent one touch programs including what it calls the world’s first ‘Green Smoothie’ program, which helps you get the proportion and ingredients right and also steer clear of over processing. That seems something really innovative and exciting for health freaks to look forward to and also indulge themselves with great-tasting fresh smoothies which wasn’t possible with any other appliance before being introduced to this creation.



Made from best quality safe material
The makers of Breville Boss Blender state that they have left no stone unturned in making safety integral part of it hence they have selected only quality BPA-Free material in its construction. It is an NSF certified appliance hence you can be wholly sure of Breville of good health while consuming recipes created by this blender. You are reassured that there is no scope for anything harmful to enter whatever you prepare in it or even store it in its BPA-Free Tritan jug for some time. Besides, it also has a heavy duty die-cast metal base which offers additional support and durability to your blender so it can be used for a long time to come.

Also, you can do away with numerous appliances crowding your kitchen space and opt for the Breville Boss Blender as it singlehandedly performs a whole lot of functions while guaranteeing good health by keeping calorie intake strictly under control. Its creators earnestly present it as an appliance that is on the threshold of transforming what you eat and bestow upon your good health and well-being.


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