BodyCollar REVIEW

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What is BodyCollar?

BodyCollar claims to be a patent pending dog collar that will eliminate the pulling and pain of a leash, which tends to hurt the dogs. The special collar promises that you will be able to control the pulling of the leash when walking the dog and the pet will stop when you stop. BodyCollar assures to come in different sizes to fit a lap dog or the biggest dog.


How does BodyCollar work?

The tug-of-war between you and your dog will allegedly end as soon as you put BodyCollar around the pet’s body. BodyCollar assures that the harness restricts the dog’s natural gait unlike muzzles that twist their necks, chains that can choke the dog and pinch collars that are painful. The special design of BodyCollar declares that it stops the pulling by taking the pressure off the neck and gently applying it on the body. BodyCollar proclaims to run across the dog’s body and on the calming pressure points that make them respond.


Control your dog’s leash pulling

No matter how hard you try or how well-trained your pet is, the dog will pull the leash when out for a walk. And when you pull the dog or when it pulls you, the pet ends up hurting and oftentimes your arm and shoulders hurt, too. A study shows that 60% of neck and back injuries in dogs are caused by everyday pulling of the leash. But not anymore if the claims by BodyCollar are to be believed. BodyCollar asserts to be a patent pending dog collar that works physiologically ensures the pet won’t pull when you take it out for a walk. BodyCollar convinces to be a no-pull and no-pain revolutionary way to walk the dog.


The slackest leash for the pet

BodyCollar maintains that when you stop the dog will stop, too, instead of pulling you stubbornly. This is because as BodyCollar asserts the harness goes around the body taking the pressure off the neck and gently applying to the core instead. BodyCollar also goes across the calming pressure points of the pet that makes them respond positively. BodyCollar guarantees that it’s the slackest leash your dog will ever have. Whether you have a lap dog or a big dog such as German Shepherd or Great Dane, BodyCollar assures to come in different sizes ideal for your dog. BodyCollar also proclaims to come in different colors for you to choose from.


What do I get?

Select from:

  • Small (for 10 to 30 lbs pet) | Price: $29.95
  • Medium (for 25 to 60 lbs pet) | Price: $34.95
  • Large (for 55 to 110 lbs pet) | Price: $39.95

Shipping: $12.95 | Official website:

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