Body Bling Review

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What is Body Bling

They are metallic jewelry tattoos that claim to enhance your look instantly and help you make an impression.

Body Bling assures you that now you can dazzle your audience wherever you go. Every time you want to step out of the house, you want to look at your best. It could be a night out with friends, a day on the beach or a special occasion for that matter. You want to be at your eye catching best and now that’s possible without spending a fortune because of Body Bling, according to its claims.


Body Bling is easy to apply

If you want to add that bling quotient to your look when you are going out for a special occasion, you can do that without the need for expensive jewelry. Importantly, Body Bling maintains that you can do that in a matter of seconds because it’s easy to apply. And once you are done with letting Body Bling do the talking for you, it can be removed easily as well. You just have to apply baby oil to the makeup remover pad or wipe. This tattoo jewelry will then come off easily without leaving any residue behind.


Body Bling lasts for a few days

The good thing with Body Bling is that it lasts for about four to six days so that you don’t have to keep reapplying them all the time. Each pack contains thirty of these metallic jewelry tattoos in gold and silver, giving you a lot of options as well. Body Bling stresses on the fact that it is completely waterproof, which is an added advantage. You could be in the middle of a sweaty workout, in a shower or swimming; the fact that it’s water resistant and sweat proof means it will stay on through it all.


Body Bling means a variety of options for you

Body Bling emphasizes that it gives you several styling options, which are fun to play around with. From stunning rings to dazzling pendants, shining cuffs and a whole lot more; there is a lot you can achieve with these jewelry tattoos. Body Bling also seems to work with different types of looks you have in mind. You can wear it to work and make a crisp and stylish impression. It can also complement your beachwear and evening wear beautifully, making you look like a million bucks.


What do I get?

You will get two Set of 30 Body Bling Jewelry Tattoos for only $10.00 plus $5.95 p&h. Official website

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