Blooming Tower Review

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What is Blooming Tower

As per the infomercial it is a vertical gardening system that is 3 feet in height and provides a great way of planting a host of beautiful flowers. The tower is cost effective, saves time and space with a revolutionary vertical irrigation system for fast blooming of flowers.

Freshen up the garden

Blooming Tower states that most people who have a lawn struggle a lot to beautify it, due to lack of time or resources. Blooming Tower assures that such issues are a thing of the past and a great looking attractive flower garden is now possible. Currently there are no Blooming Tower reviews out that will go along with its claims. Blooming Tower proclaims to be the answer to every garden lover who has a green thumb but just cannot get it right while gardening. Blooming Tower promises to make the whole process easier so that a great looking garden or lawn is ready in no time. Can Blooming Tower really be this easy and attractive? Send us your reviews.

Easy to assemble

Blooming Tower emphasizes to be very easy when it comes to using it but there are no Blooming Tower reviews available yet that assure of its claims. Blooming Tower asserts to be 3 feet in height where the irrigation system goes right in the bottom and leaves space for planting the seeds. To begin using Blooming Tower one has to fill the potting soil first and start planting the seed from bottom to the top. The process hardly takes any time as there is no need of weeding and Blooming Tower alleges that it is not back breaking or difficult especially for people who are old or have conditions like arthritis. Blooming Tower convinces to have vertical irrigation with Tubular Hydration System through water and nutrients passes to all the seedlings evenly. Blooming Tower states to promote good health and early growth which is almost two times faster than traditional process. We will know how well it works once we analyze its user reviews.


Blooming Tower maintains to be very beneficial for everyone who loves to have a blooming garden but cannot afford to put in time or get sore by crawling and digging. In fact, Blooming Tower emphasizes that it can be used to not just plant flowers but also can be used for planting herbs and veggies. It is difficult to believe upon Blooming Tower till users review it. Blooming Tower alleges to be perfect for those who love flowers and are constrained by space in places like condos or small apartments. Blooming Tower asserts to go great for use at balcony, porch, deck, lawn or patio; user reviews will expose the truth.

What do I get?

You get 2 Blooming Tower for $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H.Official website

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