Blaze Bricks

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What are Blaze Bricks?

As declared in the infomercial, Blaze Bricks are sets of light up construction bricks and stud pieces with LEDs inside. These pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes that join together to create a visually appealing model that is educational from the parents’ point of view and fun from the kids’ perspective. The kid can use Blaze Bricks to create multiple models around a particular theme. They can also combine with construction kits of other brands to create a much larger model. The makers of Blaze Bricks claim that the construction kit can help build the imagination of the child. How true this claim really is can only be substantiated once the Blaze Bricks reviews are analysed.

How does Blaze Bricks work?

Kids nowadays get bored easily with their toys. They are always on the lookout for something more interesting, more novel and equally challenging. Blaze Bricks claims to have become one of the favourites among kids, especially boys. Blaze Bricks is a new take on the building blocks with its light up feature.The Blaze Bricks set includes pieces with coloured LEDs in it. These LEDs come in different colours that enhance the look of the model when it is lit up. Of course these claims by the makers of Blaze Bricks will need thorough verification through genuine reviews.

If your kid is bored of the regular old blocks, Blaze Bricks guarantees that it will cheer the little ones in no time. It promises to light up their imagination and raise the level of their creation from ordinary to extraordinary. The kids can slide, stack and spin Blaze Bricks as and how their heart desires. The models range from really simple builds that only use a small number of the pieces to bigger builds that use most of them.

Blaze Bricks assert that it is not a construction set with a few light up bricks to add effects. The light up bricks are the main part of the set and you can build quite a lot using just the light up bricks and adding non-light up pieces for extra details. Plus the Blaze Bricks assures that it can combine with other leading construction kits to make a gigantic model too. Now that’s a lofty claim which can be ascertained only if there are sufficient Blaze Bricks reviews to support it.

The 6-in-1 monster truck kit can create monster truck, all-terrain rover, mudbog racer, pro-stock pullers, rock climber and even trophy truck. It can also build a dragster that’s blazing fast or go freestyle to build a one-of-a-kind light-up creation. Blaze Bricks proclaims to have efficiently combined Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to light up 3D puzzles that kids absolutely love. The makers claim to have won 60 awards already which may come as a surprise as there are many similar products available in the market. Simply put, it their claims are to be believed then Blaze Bricks are fun to build and fun to play, be it with family or friends.

What do I get?

2 Blaze Bricks Kits for $19.99 + $16.98 S/h. | Official website:

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