Clever Scope | Bell+Howell Flexible Light

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About Clever Scope

Bell + Howell Clever Scope claims to be a contraption that can get things you drop from difficult to reach places. It proclaims to grab things from under the sink, into the drain, behind tables or under the sofa and practically any unreachable place. Bell + Howell Clever Scope asserts to fit right into your pocket to help you find things indoors or even outdoors like while camping. It assures to provide 10,000 hours of strong light.


How does Bell + Howell Clever Scope work?

Bell + Howell Clever Scope maintains to have lights and strong magnets at both ends to give you convenience of providing light and bends into any shape to grab things from anywhere. Unlike a flashlight that occupies your one hand and gives you just one hand to work with, Bell + Howell Clever Scope states that it can be wrapped around your arms or neck to give you hands-free light.


See and find anything you drop – If you drop your car keys between seats, you know how painful it is to lay your hands on them. But now Bell + Howell Clever Scope is a contraption that promises that you do not have to struggle to see and grab them anymore. Clever Scope states to be smart and new lights with magnets built in that lets you see and reach your things conveniently and quickly. Clever Scope asserts to have a long and flexible neck that bends into any shape you want. It proclaims to have two super bright lights and super strong magnets at each end that let you reach all the hard to reach places.


Bends into any shape – Even if you accidentally drop something down the drain, Clever Scope convinces to let you fetch it easily from a finger ring to a tool wrench behind the table. You do not have to fumble with the flashlight but extend Bell + Howell Clever Scope to reach the hard to reach places and pick up things. It states to bend into any shape so you can hang it tight on your bicycle handle. Clever Scope also asserts to give you hands-free light for barbecue at night. It declares to be so flexible that you can weave it to the head rest of your bed and use it as a reading light along with your partner. And one of the lights of Bell + Howell Clever Scope can be turned off with the other glowing so that you can read without disturbing your partner.


Enables hands-free working – Bell + Howell Clever Scope guarantees that it can be wrapped around your arms or even hung on your neck to give you the freedom to use both your hands and increase productivity while working. You can allegedly forget about asking someone else to held a flashlight or dropping yours while working. Whether working under the skin or under the hood where you cannot see too well, fishing or camping, Clever Scope promises to help you. You can twist it to work as a night lamp or fold it and keep it in your pocket. Bell + Howell Clever Scope promises to work for 100,000 hours without burning out and grabs any dropped item easily.


What do I get?

2 Bell+Howell Clever Scope Flexible Lights for just $14.95 + $7.90 S/h. Official website:

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