Beauty Spin

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What is Beauty Spin

It is a spinning organizer that promises to let you keep all your beauty essentials in one place without clutter or mess.

Beauty Spin maintains that now you won’t have to look for your beauty essentials all over the place because they will be neatly organized in one place. You invest in these beauty products because you want to make an impression with your looks and take care of yourself. However they are often lying around the house in a clutter, get lost or damaged too. Beauty Spin asserts that you will now be able to keep them neatly organized without any worries.

Beauty Spin and its secret

For starters, Beauty Spin is an organizer that lets you access your beauty essentials without having to find through all the mess. The secret of this organizer lies in the spinning base, which lets you customize the different modular baskets higher or lower according to your requirements. Thus Beauty Spin stresses on the fact that you have all the flexibility you want while storing your beauty essentials. They can be fitted according to their sizes perfectly every single time.

Beauty Spin is a way around your space constraints

Many of us end up spending huge amounts on the beauty essentials we cannot do without. But storing them can be a problem, especially if you have to deal with space constraints. Beauty Spin emphasizes on the fact that space won’t be an issue for you anymore because this compact sized organizer is capable of holding around 200 pieces for you. Beauty Spin also has two storage levels, which means your counter space is double. Importantly you will be able to find the item you want without struggle and there will be less losses and damages, which saves you money too.

Beauty Spin and its simple operation

Beauty Spin has been specially designed to ensure convenience for you and has removable, adjustable brackets that can be moved up and down. You can just spin the organizer and choose the product you want to use whenever you want. Beauty Spin is versatile enough to let you hold a wide range of beauty essentials from blush and lipstick to brush and combs, nail polish and pencils. You also have a safe space for your foundation, perfume, grooming tools, hair accessories and important medicines, which otherwise get misplaced or lost.

What do I get?

You’ll receive two Beauty Spin™ for only $14.99 plus $15.98 P&H. Official website

3 Comments on "Beauty Spin"

  1. This is the best online company I have ever bought a perfume from. They have fantastic prices and ship so fast! My friends love it too! It´s easy to pay there, no troubles, no extra fees. I called to customer service to thank for great Xmas gifts. Also asked about their prices. I couldn´t believe my perfumes are at such a good price and genuine. Low margins, guys! Check their FB page, see my comment.

  2. Thank you Greg! Almost bought a perfume from there. Bizarrely cheap I wonder if it is genuine. Now that I know about its scam, I understand why.

  3. Beware of this site. Does not provide a good ordering form. Makes you put in your credit card info – before you know what total they want to charge you. They also try to upsell you on larger basket sizes (none of which show the base size or the larger size). It never splits out the various charges – then tries to charge a very exorbitant about for “free” shipping. And the only way to get out of the shipping charges are to join another scam site called (google to see problems with this). Such a shame – as this would have made some nice Christmas presents. For 3 products – they tried to charge over $170 to me. No way to cancel order – even right after you order. Phone number is not open on weekends.

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