Atomic Charge Wallet & REVIEW

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What is Atomic Charge Wallet

As per the TV infomercial it is a sleek and rugged aluminum cased wallet that safeguards and stores cash, cards, and more. It also has an in-built portable charger to juice any cell phone. Atomic Charge Wallet asserts to be an amazing solution that holds all your cash, credit cards, and much more.



Atomic Charge Wallet CLAIMS

Smart Wallet – Atomic Charge Wallet states to have an accordion design that helps in storing and segregating all items for easy reach. More shall be known once Atomic Charge Wallet is reviewed. Atomic Charge Wallet assures that its aluminum casing is rugged and withstands drops and shocks. Atomic Charge Wallet does sound quite interesting; user reviews will expose the truth.

Atomic Charge Wallet Features – Atomic Charge Wallet declares to have an RFID blocking technology to safeguard cards from electronic theft. Furthermore, it is claimed to be water-resistant so that it can be easily used in any weather condition without drying the internal items. The slim and lightweight body of Atomic Charge Wallet also proclaims to accommodate a portable charger that can charge your phone easily. It convinces to be for everyone with its four vibrant colors – white, black, red, and silver. Currently there are no Atomic Charge Wallet reviews available that substantiates with its claims.


Atomic Charge Wallet REVIEW

Janet Phillips asserts in his Atomic Charge Wallet review that the wallet is decent and provides ample of storage. However her Atomic Charge Wallet review states that the power bank doesn’t work at all and failed to charge her phone.

Another user named Jimmy Henderson has similar complains in his Atomic Charge Wallet review. As per him the power pack stopped working after six charges. His review raves the hard aluminum casing but says that the inserts are made of cheap plastic. The latch on Atomic Charge Wallet is made of poor quality and the inserts started to rip after few uses.

One Atomic Charge Wallet user Sandra Ross disappointingly writes in her review that the material used for the casing is plastic and not aluminum. As per her review, Atomic Charge Wallet is so flimsy that it will break easily and doesn’t seem to have any safeguard lining to protect the cards.

A user named Andrea Young bills Atomic Charge Wallet as a good credit card holder in her review. Although she shows concern that it might not be really as sturdy as it claims. She says in her Atomic Charge Wallet review that the fasteners on the wallet are not sturdy enough and might need rubber band to hold it together.

John Moore suggests in his Atomic Charge Wallet review that it people looking for a sturdy wallet shouldn’t go for it. According to his Atomic Charge Wallet review the wallet might be aluminum but the fastener on it is plastic which makes it weak.

One other Atomic Charge Wallet customer Virginia Thomas says in her review that its interior material is flimsy and breaks apart very soon. The fastener is so weak that it opened and popped all the cards out upon falling. In her review she feels that Atomic Charge Wallet is just a gimmick and a cheap copy of genuine stainless steel RFID wallets.

Ramon Miller, an Atomic Charge Wallet reviewer, complains that it doesn’t work as it claims. It is a waste of money and fails to charge the mobile while moving around.

Cathy Wheeler deems Atomic Charge Wallet as unreliable in her review. In her review, she says that Atomic Charge Wallet hardly works and charges the phone only about 45%.

Another Atomic Charge Wallet review by Gordon Garrett says that the wallet is nice and works well. But apart from being a decent wallet, her Atomic Charge Wallet review says that it fails to charge the phone or provide any type of any additional capability.


Atomic Charge Wallet Questions and Answers

Q. Is Atomic Charge Wallet made from leather?
A. No it has aluminum exterior with plastic pockets.

Q. Does it fit only Android phones?
A. It has a single charging pin which might be only compatible with Android phones.

Q. Can the charger on Atomic Charge Wallet be separated?
A. Yes, it can be detached when not required.

Q. Will it work for iPhone 6 plus?
A. Since it carries one charging pin it is difficult to say if it supports Apple phones.

Q. Will Atomic Charge Wallet hold an iPhone 6 or 6s inside it?
A. No, the wallet doesn’t store cell phones; instead it can be hooked via a wire and carried along.


What do I get?
You get 2 Atomic Charge Wallets in your choice of black or red today for $19.99 + $9.99 at the official website

2 Comments on "Atomic Charge Wallet & REVIEW"

  1. Dr. HRB, PhD, D.S. | November 6, 2017 at 9:01 pm | Reply

    The atomic charge wallet is defunct chinese crap overpriced and misadvertised.

    what your looking for actually is something like a 5V pocket reactor..
    or google “Mount Shasta Atomics”

  2. I bought my Atomic wallet on September 1st and it is now September 15th and I still haven’t received it. How long does it take before you receive your wallets?

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