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As per the TV infomercial they are amazing socks that are perfect to keep the feet warm in cold weather without getting wet due to sweat. It is made using aluminized thread knit in a nylon fabric using aerospace technology to achieve such results.



Enjoy the cold:

ASTRO SOCKS states to be the answer to cold, sweaty socks that spoils the mood in cold weather. Although at this point of time there are no ASTRO SOCKS reviews available that attest to such claims. ASTRO SOCKS promises to be highly functional as opposed to regular cold weather socks that are bulky and can start getting wet due to sweat and moisture in mere minutes. This comparison, however, will be only proved when we analyze the ASTRO SOCKS reviews. ASTRO SOCKS claims to eliminate the problem of a regular socks by adopting a never before used technology. Does ASTRO SOCKS really work as claimed? ASTRO SOCKS reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Aerospace technology:

ASTRO SOCKS declares to come with a dynamic, revolutionary technology called Aerospace. As per ASTRO SOCKS it convinces to use this technology in order to keep the feet warm and sweat free during the cold weather. However, there are currently no ASTRO SOCKS reviews available to substantiate its claims. ASTRO SOCKS assures to be made from thousands of aluminized threads that can re-circulate the body heat back to keep warm in any weather and at the same time minimize moisture and perspiration. ASTRO SOCKS emphasizes to have a stretch nylon knit fabric that carries these aluminized threads and is lightweight and flexible. Such far-fetched claims by ASTRO SOCKS will be only proved once users review the socks. ASTRO SOCKS asserts to be so thin that one can wear them underneath regular socks too apart from being used alone. We will have to wait for ASTRO SOCKS reviews to be sure of its promises. ASTRO SOCKS additionally convinces to be an easy pair of socks to clean because its fabric is machine washable and dryer safe. To really get convinced by ASTRO SOCKS we will have to wait for its user reviews.

Perfect for any activity:

ASTRO SOCKSproclaims to be very good for wearing under other socks and go alone for any types of shoes that are meant for cold weather. This sure sounds fanciful but will be assured once there are ASTRO SOCKS reviews available. ASTRO SOCKS guarantees to be the perfect choice for the season for everyone – men, women and children making it a universal cold weather favorite pair of socks. These claims by ASTRO SOCKS will be verified once it is reviewed. ASTRO SOCKS promises to be great for any type of activity and any amount of time. ASTRO SOCKS assures to be great for inside the house, for shoveling snow, going outdoors for daily activities, etc. ASTRO SOCKS also states to be great for heavy activities like walking and running. How well does ASTRO SOCKS perform? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?

You will receive 2 Pairs of ASTRO SOCKS and ASTRO Gloves for just $12.99 plus $11.98 P&H.Official website

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