Air Pro Bagless Canister Review

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What is Air Pro Bagless Canister?

Air Pro Bagless Canister states to be a lightweight and maneuverable vacuum cleaner that features Multi-Cyclonic Hoover to help you clean rooms faster and minimize emptying the vacuum bags. Air Pro Bagless Canister convinces to let you navigate around the furniture, in the corners and other unreachable places just with the twist of a handle in the direction you want to clean. Air Pro Bagless Canister proclaims to have a complete cleaning kit that can extend up to 11 feet of reach.


How does Air Pro Bagless Canister work?

Air Pro Bagless Canister maintains that it features an Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology that can lift even the deepest set in dirt from the carpet and also surface debris without letting them scatter and dirtying the floor again like traditional vacuum cleaners that use only one channel of suction. The simultaneous air patterns occurring in Air Pro Bagless Canister emphasize that there is lesser amount of fine dust hitting its filter so that you do not have to worry about cleaning or even replacing it frequently. This Multi-Cyclonic air claims to pass through 12 cyclones to filter debris and dust without the loss of suction.


Taking the mess out of your cleaning job
It is so important for the entire family’s health to keep the house free of dust, dirt and pollutants. Vacuum cleaners are meant to help in this regard but not all of them stay true to the promise. They fail to reach corners, need you to move furniture, empty vacuum bags often and other such annoyances. But Air Pro Bagless Canister is a lightweight and easily maneuverable vacuum that promises to pose no such issues.
Air Pro Bagless Canister asserts that unlike any traditional vacuum cleaner, it has Steerable Technology that allows it to be navigated around furniture, corners and other such blockages rather smoothly. It claims to do this by just twisting the handle in the direction of the area you need to clean. Not just furniture and corner, vacuum cleaners are almost always unable to reach above floor areas like top of the stairs or corners of photo frames, ceiling corners, etc. Air Pro Bagless Canister guarantees to reach even those areas and clean them up thoroughly with its special wand and tool that claim to reach the height of up to 11 feet. The Telescopic Extension Wand of Air Pro Bagless Canister and the 3-in-1 dusting tool, bare floor tool and crevice tool assure to get the most stubborn of dirt out of all the nooks and crannies of the house. With it absolutely thorough cleaning, Air Pro Bagless Canister asserts that you will breathe purer and cleaner air courtesy its filters that are made with HEPA media that traps as much as 97% of dust, dirt and pollens down to 0.3 microns.


Ideal for carpet, upholstery as well as hard floors
No matter what the surface of your house you want to clean, Air Pro Bagless Canister assures that you can do it with one vacuum cleaner with its Multi-floor Power Nozzle that needs just a push of a button to move from carpet to hard floors. It also states to let you clean upholstery as effectively, too. What adds to the convenience of cleaning, as stated by Air Pro Bagless Canister, is the High Capacity Cup that can hold more volumes of dirt and debris so that you do not have to waste time and energy on emptying the cup again and again, and your cleaning job can be a lot quicker and easier. One of the most annoying things about vacuum cleaners with bags is that you need to take the bag out with your hands and empty it in the dustbin. But Air Pro Bagless Canister promises that you need not dirty your hands since it has a convenient Bottom-Release Cup that can be held over the bin and the debris can be emptied by just pushing a button. The filter of Air Pro Bagless Canister claims to be durable since it can be rinsed clean under water making it conveniently reusable. The 20” Auto Cord rewind claims to give the Air Pro Bagless Canister easy storing feature too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Air Pro Bagless Canister for $229.99
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