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What is AbXcore?

It is a personal fitness trainer that brings the best of resistance training, mobile app technology and portability to ensure that you can train at home or on the go.

AbXcore asserts that now you can train conveniently and safely from wherever you might be to get the results you have been looking for. We do our best to ensure that we burn calories, lose weight and get into a toned shape. But our consistent efforts don’t bear fruits and we consider services of a personal trainer, which can cost us a fortune. This personal fitness trainer assures you exciting results sooner rather than later. Unfortunately we don’t have enough AbXcore reviews to verify these claims for you.


How does AbXcore work?

Innovative and personalized for men and women – We have come to understand that a fitness routine, equipment that works for someone else might not necessarily work for us. That’s where this fitness trainer has its advantages because it is personalized for all men and women. Its adjustable width and height makes it ideal for users of different body types, sizes and fitness levels. But we are interested in knowing more about your experience with this fitness trainer and look forward to your AbXcore reviews.

This personal fitness trainer also claims to bring you the best of innovative technology so that you can focus on your training. The free app for androids and iPhones is a huge advantage along with the accelerometer, which counts your reps and differentiates your lower abs, upper abs and obliques for you. You get your training workout videos on your Smartphones wherever you go. These seem like tall claims that will have to be confirmed after going through AbXcore reviews.


It gives you proven results – For starters, this personal fitness trainer lets you work out your abs irrespective of your fitness levels. It stresses on the fact that you can get lean, toned and build muscles within a matter of few weeks. AbXcore reviews should be able to offer more information about these claims. It also emphasizes on the proven results including the fact that it is 1000% more effective than Ab Roller and 300% more effective than your traditional sit-ups, as seen in the studies by Etsciences and USC. We look forward to your AbXcore reviews so that we can ascertain these claims.

AbXcore reviews should also tell us whether it can isolate every oblique to strengthen the core, and adjustable weight resistance works for users at various fitness levels.


Easily portable to work out on the go – Whether you want to work out at home or while you are on the go, this personal fitness trainer promises to be the right option for you. It claims to be lightweight and compact so that it can be taken with you wherever you go. You also have the option of using it in sitting position. AbXcore reviews can shed light on whether it is truly a professional quality personal fitness trainer on the go for you.


What do I get?

  • 1 AbXCore Exercise Unit
  • 1 Travel Bag
  • 5 lbs resistance
  • Free training app for iPhone and Android

Price: $139.95 | Official website: AbXCore.com

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