22 Minute Hard Corps

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What is 22 Minute Hard Corps

– As per the TV infomercial it is Tony Horton’s no-nonsense boot-camp fitness workout that uses military training programs for delivering a fit body in just 8 weeks. The workout consists of cardio, core and resistance training each lasting for 22 minutes only.


Get fit in the best possible way

22 Minute Hard Corps claims to be the newest and best fitness routine that follows military techniques for at-home workout from Beachbody series. How good 22 Minute Hard Corps really is will be only verified once it gets reviewed by legit users. 22 Minute Hard Corps proclaims to be the brainchild of Tony Horton, who is well-known for creating the P90 series. He has toured over dozens of active military sites to help soldiers achieve optimum fitness. At this point of time there are no 22 Minute Hard Corps reviews available that will attest to its claims.


Intense workout routines

22 Minute Hard Corps alleges to be an 8-week program that consists of various workout forms. 22 Minute Hard Corps asserts to include 3 strength training, 3 cardio training and 2 core workout. 22 Minute Hard Corps promises to be a no-nonsense workout that utilizes maximum body resistance and minimum equipment to get fit military style. Although there are no 22 Minute Hard Corps reviews available to substantiate its claims. 22 Minute Hard Corps guarantees that its boot-camp style workouts are like military PT and lasts for 22 minutes only. 22 Minute Hard Corps states that Tony works out along with veterans in the video to push bodies to the limit. Can 22 Minute Hard Corps really provide such amazing workout? 22 Minute Hard Corps reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What to expect from 22 Minute Hard Corps?

22 Minute Hard Corps emphasizes to be a training program that can be easily followed. 22 Minute Hard Corps maintains to be only 22 minutes but the exercises performed are intense and can take the body to a next level. This way, 22 Minute Hard Corps declares to save time for workout and at the same time achieve greater results. Currently there are no 22 Minute Hard Corps reviews that assure us of the same. 22 Minute Hard Corps convinces to be a perfect routine that will help tone and tighten muscles and help lose weight. Can 22 Minute Hard Corps really help achieve optimum body strength and conditioning will be verified once we receive user reviews for analysis.


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