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About Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co

Fuller Brush Co is introducing another amazing product to help you clean that is Pane Dr. It claims to be the fast and easy way for cleaning as opposed to the painful old fashion way. The secret is the microfiber cleaning pad which describes to have dozen of tiny squeezes that loosen, lift and lock-in dirt and grime. If you are looking for a cleaning tool to help you clean of the glass and plastic surfaces indoor or outdoor Pane Dr is what you need.



Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co CLAIMS

Fuller Brush Co advertise Pane Dr as an all purpose glass and plastic surface cleaner that is it can clean windows, mirrors, glass and plastics that too streak free, spot free and chemical free, all you need is little water and there you go. Also as a special bonus miracle scrubber pad is included for free to power through hard water and soap scums, shower door and tiles. Plus with a wedge shaped design and the 360 degree swivel handle makes the cleaning hassle free with Pane Dr. An upgrade is provided with built-in squeegee.

Pane Dr is said to clean away the stains of hand cream, tooth paste and hair spray quickly and easily. Along with indoor it can be used outdoor too to clean the haze of the inside of the windshield to get a clear view or by adding an optional extension handle scrub away road tar or bugs from the car board.


Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. Reviews

Rachel Swanson claims in her Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. review that it is terrible and the brush is too thin.

Helen Davidson who tried the Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. says in her review- “Does not feel sturdy when cleaning the tub and shower. Cleaning head does not angle properly and I struggle to use it”.

April Walsh says in her review of Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. that the dye on the sponge comes off when you clean your bath tub.

Glenda Nguyen is not very happy with the Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. and states in her review that it doesn’t really do a good job of cleaning wall tiles.

Carol Munoz mentions in her Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. review- “The brush head is clunky and didn’t fit any of the surfaces of my tub other than the flat part and still didn’t make good contact. Cleaning was minimal. Did not serve my purpose at all and my tub is still stained”.

Another user, Sue Sparks claims that the small orange part that is supposed to tighten the handle, does not work; the handle slides down even when it is supposed to be tightened! The brush part that is supposed to swivel becomes completely detached when you turn it to swivel!

Lindsey Jacobs writes in her Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. review that the sponge is hard and plastic, not squishy enough to do a good clean.

Katherine Wilson says in her review of Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. “It dripped rusty water from one room to another. It was quite a mess! It stained my carpet and also made a mess of the ceramic floors in the bathrooms. It obviously rusted inside the handle”.

In her review of Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. Desiree Holland writes- “If your shower is remotely dirty this won’t clean it. Scrubber has a stiff back. It doesn’t curve around the curvy places in my tub, which is where the worst of the oily stuff sticks”.


Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. Questions & Answers

Q. How do you clean the scrubber head after use?
A. Rinse it with hot water.

Q. Is the pad microfiber & safe for acrylic tub?
A. No it is not microfiber, it is a hard scrubber.

Q. Is the scrubber head machine washable?
A. No. I just run the head under warm water to clean it.

Q. Does the Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. scratch fiberglass tubs?
A. Soft scrub cleaners won’t and the brush itself will not.

Q. Is the Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. safe for use on Travertine showers?
A. It didn’t harm mine.

Q. How long does the pad last? Is it hard to wring dry?
A. You can’t wring it out, because it has a plastic backing.

Q. Would this be good to clean glass aquariums?
A. No, it is too bulky.

Q. Would Pane Dr from Fuller Brush Co. be good for drying off the wall and tub after a shower?
A. No, it will not dry off the wall or tiles surfaces.

Q. Can this be used for window cleaning?
A. It’s pretty abrasive. The material is so rough it might leave scratches.

Q. Is this good to clean around floor by toilet bowl and behind toilet?
A. It would be fine.

Q. Can i use this on linoleum?
A. The head would not stay on the handle. I tried to use it several times to clean my bathtub but got frustrated with having to stop & put the scrubber part back on.

Q. Does it clean baseboards?
A. It is very rough, like a hard sponge. I would not use it on a baseboard in fear of it scratching.

Q. Can I use this brush for cleaning my natural stone shower stall?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it come with the bristled brush?
A. No, it’s a scrubby pad.

Q. Does the scrubber swivel?
A. Yes, it does swivel.


What do I get?
1 Pane DR by Fuller Brush for $14.99 plus $7.95 S&P at the Official Website:

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