JumpStart Flashlight

What is it?

JumpStart Flashlight claims to be a pocket-size rechargeabletactical flashlight and a jump-start power charger all in one!



How does it work?

The JumpStart Flashlight states that it is perfect for on the go! It promises to charge your phone, laptop and tablet, jump start your car, inflate your tire, jump start a boat, inflate a raft, jumpstart an ATV, and inflate a mattress and so much more!Such claims of the JumpStart Flashlight do sound very helpful but does it really work is a question better left to JumpStart Flashlightuser reviews.

It emphasizes that its extra bright LED light can be seen up to 2 nautical miles away. At this point of time there are no JumpStart Flashlight reviews to verify this claim.

It also declares its SOS signal and strobe features disorient and neutralize intruders so you always stay safe. It claims to be a “Must Have” Tool in every vehicle. It does sound useful;JumpStart Flashlight reviews will expose it soon.

It also promises to hold its charge for up to 6 months. As of now there are no JumpStart Flashlight reviews to verify this claim.

It states that it works in extreme weather conditions so you can use it in hot or cold weather.Does it sound too good to be true? JumpStart Flashlight reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Compact and Lightweight
The JumpStart Flashlight asserts that it is easy to store so you can keep it in your trunk or glove compartment.
Order the JumpStart Flashlight today!


What do I get?
JumpStart Flashlight just for $59.97
Official Website: jumpstartflashlight.com

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