HydraLight Flashlight REVIEW

About HydraLight

HydraLight states to be a DIY flashlight that’s powered by water and never runs out of juice. It assures to be safer for the environment since it does not contain heavy metals like lead and mercury, eliminates improper disposal of batteries, and uses up all the juice of old and weak battery. The HydraLight claims to be a flashlight that requires no charge and no batteries, it runs purely on water.



How does HydraLight work?

Working on a type of battery called Galvanic Cell, HydraLight claims to have two different types of metals that are connected by a salt bridge and employs Redox reaction to light the flashlight. HydraLight asserts to use water as electrolytes that work as replacement of toxic chemicals found in traditional batteries.

Simply remove the hydra cell fuel cell and put it in water. When water enters the fuel cell, it begins to produce power. Then, place the fuel cell back in the HydraLight and its ready to use as a flashlight.

HydraLight produces continuous light up to 100 hours every time you charge it in water. Simply add more water and you can continue to use it for another 100 hours.


Hydralight Review

Flashlight powered by water – The DIY flashlight HydraLight convinces to use water to power up and to be more reliable than traditional flashlights that run out of power and never help when you’re stranded without light. You just need to fill HydraLight up with water and it powers up to illuminate the area that you need. HydraLight proclaims that it also makes for a good school science experiment. HydraLight maintains to be fun as a project no matter what one’s age. These claims of HydraLight will be verified when there are more user reviews to analyze. HydraLight guarantees that it runs for 30 minutes on regular tap water and up to 2 hours on salt water in spite of being a single cell prototype.

Environmentally friendly – HydraLight alleges that one wouldn’t have to buy batteries or even recharge them if the flashlight is used. HydraLight emphasizes that on adding an extra water-powered battery, triples its illumination and time. This type of battery also works on wall clock, calculators and radios. That sounds a bit farfetched for a flashlight; user reviews of HydraLight will certify the truth. The flashlight emphasizes to use the Joule Thief circuit that lights up the flashlight even if there is weak voltage, so it will always be handy and utilizes the last speck of juice of an old and drained battery. This asserts to make HydraLight more environmentally responsible. Whether or not HydraLight has such great features will be revealed by user reviews.


Hydralight CLAIMS

Durable and Rugged – The HydraLight features a rubberized armor coating and is durable and rugged and built to last. You can safely use the HydraLight even in bad weather conditions.

Hands free lantern – Not only is the HydraLight a flashlight but it also converts to a hands free lantern. Simply extend the barrel and it becomes a hands free lantern that supplies light all over wherever you need it. A hand-held light requires you to hold it with one hand but with the HydraLight you can be completely hands free. It’s that amazing!

Perfect for All Times – The HydraLight is perfect for outdoor camping activities. Use it in your tent, in the garage, around the house and so much more. The HydraLight is great to use when the power goes out and it is the perfect light for long lasting emergencies of all kinds. Unlike other fuel cell devices that are expensive the HydraLight is cost-effective.

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  1. Having 1960 to 1990 Chemistry knowledge, I have to ask what happens if the “tap water” is from a source with Sulfur, Calcium and/or Iron. S, Ca and Fe are elements that are common contaminates in ground water. I would also like to ask about using distilled water. HydraLight also mentioned the use of salt water. Wouldn’t the NaCl coat the inside of the hydra cell fuel cell?

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