Gray Away for Women from EVERPRO Beauty

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What is Gray Away for Women?

Everpro Beauty’s Gray Away for Women is a hair spray that hides gray areas in 10 seconds and matches the color of hair.


Revolutionary breakthrough to hide grays easily and perfectly

Gray Away for Women is a revolutionary solution to the problem that troubles most women – streaks of gray hair peeping out within two months of coloring hair and when there’s no time to touch up. Gray Away for Women is an innovative color powder cosmetic made from mineral derived pigments and emollients available as a hair spray. It works in 10 seconds and ensures all gray areas from roots to the tip are covered flawlessly. It is basically a temporary hair cosmetic that lasts till you shampoo.


Matches any hair color

If you’re wondering whether Gray Away for Women will suit your hair or not, worry not. Its makers assure you that it will, as it comes with self-adjusting color technology and an array of shades, each of which blends with virtually all hair colors. You need to choose the shade on the color chart that seems closest to your hair color and spray accordingly.


Quick and easy to use

Covering gray hair with Gray Away for Women seems really fast and easy as you just need to hold the can about three inches from hair roots, move it from side to side continuously while spraying. Within three minutes the solution would dry and you can touch, comb or brush your hair normally. It is supposedly flake free, sweat-resistant non-messy too. It has a pinpoint applicator which, you are assured, helps cover gray areas perfectly.


No harsh chemicals or dyes used

Gray Away for Women claims that it’s safe and harmless as it contains no harsh chemicals such as ammonia or peroxide or dyes that could damage hair.


Easy to wash away

You are instructed to simply shampoo your hair to wash it off completely and can be used as often as needed as it’s free of chemicals.


Compatible with styling products

If you like regular styling products, you can use them on wet hair before applying Gray Away for Women.


Suits relaxed or permed hair

Gray Away for Women can even be used on relaxed or permed hair without worrying.


What do I get?
Get One 1.5 oz. Bottle for just $12.99 + S/h. Official website:

9 Comments on "Gray Away for Women from EVERPRO Beauty"

  1. I love, love, love everprobeauty gray away in light brown (although my hair is medium brown). I am 99% grey/silver and 10 days after having my roots touched up, I start using this product. I just wish they would offer coupons like Clairol Root Touch up.

  2. It worked, but my hair was a mess afterwards. Maybe I didn’t use it right, but it came off in my fingernails, towels, and just plain felt dirty all over. I guess if I was planning to shampoo the very next day..

  3. I also use gray away and love it dearly!! Its a life saver!! I get mine at rite aid use to be available at dollar general stores as well but havent been able to find it there recently. Only problem I have with it is that the aresol runs out before the actual product. I still have a lot in the can but it wont all come out so im throwing half of it away cause no aresol left in can to use the other half. Ive been using gray away since it came out as a seen on tv product and was hoping they would fix the problem. It was also much cheaper as a seen on tv product. Besides that I love gray away!! Thank you so much!!

  4. I’ve read all the above nice comments, I used the product and, although it covered the gray very well, I found that it came off on my hands and my pillow. I actually bought the Eeverpro because I could not find the QB Labs Gray Away which didn’t come off. I used them both the same way. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem.

  5. I just bought three more Gray Away 40 application spray away gray as it’s so easy and nice looking for hours even days – I was afraid the store might run out of it.

  6. I love this product gray away is the way to go! It gives long lasting natural coverage for hours and I just went to the store and bought three more cans of the 40 spray application!

  7. I love this stuff. Not only that… I would have very bad days without it. I fix my hair the way I want it, and then spray the grays away! So easy! 🙂

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